Apocalipse, Trying A Rider

Apocalipse is starting his education at the moment, or continuing his education, with carrying a rider now. I rode him a few times (sat on him and had my boyfriend lead us around,) with a bridle on, but it really bothered him, so one day, I decided to just skip it. All on my own, alone at the stable, I decided to climb up on my young horse, wearing a simple rope around his neck. I guess I figured, either I’d fly or fall. Either way, it was a good thing.

Apocalipse spooked over my legs again, noticing me for real this time, while not busy messing with the bit in his mouth. No, this time, he actually saw me.


So I have been doing that for a few times now, climbing up there, sitting there touching him, and once he was totally cool with that, (after four times) I asked him to walk. And to stop. And to walk.


Now, the sixth time I am “riding” him, he even understands “turn” to the left… not turn right, that one doesn’t work, but we know “Walk”, “Stop,” and “turn left” now, all without reins. I have to say, breaking in my young horse like this is awesome. It is a whole new experience for me, to train a horse like this. With no chance of me forcing him to do anything. All I can do is ask. And hope he answers.


I love this picture, of Apocalipse, Marble and me. The perfect way to break in my young horse. I should have done this years ago. So calm, so easy… So safe. He feels safe in a way I have never tried before.


I wouldn’t have dared if I hadn’t started riding Saleem without the bridle though, so we owe him great thanks.


He is an amazing horse.


And Tardis, well, I am still wearing a bridle on her. She is a very explosive young woman and I am a coward, but I have to admit, I am beginning to wonder if a lot of the problems I do have with her- mostly the “turn” signal, is because she goes against the bit and I may avoid that if I just removed the bit…


Building up my courage to trust her, as I trust my boys. Still, she is an a amazing pony. I never tire of looking at her.


Marble does get tired of us…



Ablaze says, “That’s my mom!”



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