Writing, Cat’s And Ponies

I was home alone yesterday, which is always totally awesome, since I am a very anti social person… Somehow though, I ended up talking to no less that three of my girl friends (or four, one of them was a shared message,) on face book… So much for me, being anti social and just spending the evening writing on my book…

I knew I shouldn’t turn on the internet, but I have to admit, a lot of things are happening at the moment, and I am a bit curious to see how it plays out…

And, of course, I had to torture myself a little, watching all the My Little Ponies I cannot afford to buy, being sold on Ebay for much too low a price… *sigh* And so, I was online, and being social anyway…

So, here is a few pictures of my latest ponies, Baby Billie and Baby Susie, and Shy the cat, having one of those moments, where she realize, “If I bite that, it may be the last thing I do… But it might be worth it…”


And my Playschool ponies, Baby Alphabet, Baby Count-a-lot and Baby Pictures…


Missing one pony in both collections, to complete them… it’s clever really, how the My Little pony set up the whole thing… Small series with in the series… You must have all of them, otherwise your set is incomplete…

Which is totally true and I must have all of them!

I happened to pick up a couple of romance ponies as well, so now I am missing two instead of four from that set… wuhu… Love Story and Love- in -a -Mist;


But for some reason, I have been collecting baby ponies mostly lately… They are just so pretty… and tiny and there has been some great ones up for sale…

Anyway, in the end, by one am or something like that, I did open my book and begin writing, only to discover that Shy wanted to help me… Hiding behind the screen, she would jump out, disconnect my internet, and press random buttons on my keyboard…


As far as the disconnecting the internet goes, I get her drift. But pressing random buttons on my keyboard, is one of the most scary things anyone can do to a writer. “Pop, your book is gone. Did you need it?”

“Heart attack.”

“Okay breathe. What did the cat press? Undo! Undo! Undo!”

Got to love her though… She is an amazing kitten. Especially when she is not planning on murdering my ponies and deleting my books…


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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