Spider Ponies

My friend LHK was at a yard sale yesterday and found me some ponies! A nice little Baby Tiddley -Winks, although she is a bit yellow around the muzzle, she is in fair condition.


And an Alternate Birthflower pony, July’s Water Lily.


I had to ask what she paid for them, and I have been laughing ever since. An Alternate Birthflower pony is really expensive if you go Ebay hunting for them… as in, you could almost buy a real pony for the prize she would usually sell for. My friend managed to get all of them, for what I usually pay in postage…

Anyway, there was a G3 as well, Rainbowberry, and she was in a bit of a state, her long hair was an unbelievable mess. I have to admit, I had my doubts about her, but here she is, restored and looking awesome!


I don’t really collect g3’s but should one or two of them happen to join my collection, I am okay with it. They are kind of cute, and it turns out Rainbowberry and Skywishes (my other g3) has a ninja skill… they are spider ponies!


The hoof magnet nearly had me ruin my computer… it’s a good thing I discovered what it was in her hoof in time, before I set her down on my laptop like I did with Water Lily and Tiddley – Winks…

I guess you learn as long as you live, and from now on I will be much more suspicious of strange objects on My Little Ponies….


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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