I Will Be Wrong

It’s been a long day, but we had Saleem checked out again. It’s been a month now, since he broke one of his teeth, and I was very relieved to watch the vet open his mouth and look indifferent. As a horse owner, you always fear that they say “uhu” when you call them out for a check up.

Turns out that- I hardly dare say it- Saleem’s tooth is not causing trouble. At least not yet. But fingers crossed, it never will. Knock on wood… Okay, so I am a little paranoid here, but I don’t like tempting fate on behalf of my horse, by saying that we are in the clear… It was good news though, so far.

And we had his eyes washed through, since he has had an eye infection for the last month now, (treated with antibiotics) and every time I stop treating it, it comes back, full force. So we did a little test of that as well…

That neon green stuff the vets use in the eyes, always looks alien… but it doesn’t scare the flies away. Stubborn little pricks…

2014-09-09 15.23.00

We did a biopsy on Tardis, at long last. The vet shaved her, just as I had had her fur growing a little on that spot… *sigh* and we had to stitch her up afterwards, because it wouldn’t stop bleeding. I maintain it is sacroids, but well, two out of three of my vets disagree, so now, we will know for sure, once the lab is done… Fingers crossed two out of three of my vets are right and I am dead wrong… Really, I won’t mind being wrong this time. For once, could it just be something impossibly simple and easy to treat, once we know what it is… ?

2014-09-09 16.12.00

I’ll even say please.

Anyway, here are my sleepy kiddos… Tardis is wearing her halter still, because she actually fell because of the sedation, so I was watching her like a hawk for the rest of the day, until she came to. And yes, it was a little boring, so I took pictures with my lousy phone camera…

2014-09-09 15.24.00

In the end though, they both came around, and were even able to eat dinner… and I know, not supposed to feed them when they are sedated, because the sedation slows down the digestive system as well… But I find that if you kick start the horse with a bit of food, raising the blood sugar level, once it is able to eat a little, it comes around much faster and a horse like Saleem, who has a tendency to go into chock, recovers from the sedation with much less drama if he gets a little something to eat at the right time…

2014-09-09 16.29.00

And of course, the others had to share in the food, you don’t just feed the two who had been sedated, now do you? If anyone thinks I am missing a horse, it is just because Ablaze is standing behind me. He is not good at falling into line. My perfect little foal…

My boyfriend sent me this picture, while I was busy watching my mare recover, of Shy, making sure that he may have stayed at home to work, but he wasn’t going to get any work done…

2014-09-09 14.12.51

Got to love that cat. In the end though, she gave up. It’s hard, editing movies…

2014-09-09 15.57.15

Okay, back to the horses.

I sure hope that I won’t have to sedate them again for a very long time now, any of them. Could this be the last of it, please? I hate it, I hate the way my horses respond to it, and I know I may sound hysterical, but my horses keep proving me right. How many times have my vets told me “it won’t fall…” when my horses has been sedated. “It never happens.” Right. Just like Saleem shouldn’t have had those seizures when he was younger, as a response to the sedation. Call me crazy, but I really don’t do this lightly, like most horse owners, I know.

I have a friend who works at a professional stable, where the jumpers are sedated on a daily basis (very much illegally I presume,) to be able to go into their spa bath… And once she said that to me, and accepted that, as a way to treat horses that seems reasonable and perfectly normal and not at all harmful to the wellbeing of the animal, I knew I had lost her as a friend. Seeing how it affects my horses, it is killing me to hear about and I cannot imagine how anyone of sound mind can sedate a horse on a daily basis and not think twice about it.

But maybe it is just me. Maybe I am hysterical. If I am, I guess my horses came to the right person then. Saleem and Tardis clearly needs someone to be hysterical on their behalf.

I will always be that person.

But for now, I will breathe a little easier, knowing that Saleem’s tooth is looking peaceful and I will try not to torture myself about Tardis’  biopsy. I will know, soon enough…

And I will be wrong this time, I can feel it. I will be wrong. I will keep repeating that to myself, until I get the answer. I will be wrong.


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