Baby Applejack

I am lousy at updating my blog these days… Apologies. Loads of stuff has been going on lately.

Anyway, my boyfriend has been sick, and as such, I had to buy him the last two pillow pets turtles… of course I will be stealing the Michelangelo most of the time, since that was always my turtle (not too big a fan of how stupid they are making him these days, but I stay true to my old hero), and here they are. I have to say, I love how different they are.

2014-09-12 20.34.11

And at long last, I managed to get my slimy hands on a Baby Applejack, the undisputed star of my My Little Pony collection so far, the pony I always wanted;


Applejack was always one of my favourites as a child, (the only one with a male voice in the Danish translation of the movies, clearly someone thought Applejack was a boy, and every Danish child grew up thinking that, because of the Midnight Castle movie.) So, my Applejack has been played with. His eyes are drawn on with instant marker, in a blue that is way too dark… But I swear, before his eyes were rubbed off, his eyes were a light blue. Only every Applejack I find now, has green eyes, just like the baby. I will be looking high and low for a blue eyed one, just to prove that I remember correctly…


Baby Applejack completes my baby pony set at long last, the play and care set;


And of course I forgot to add Baby Lemon Drop to the picture, because I managed to get sick myself and I simply forgot… I’ll have to take another picture of them…

Anyway, I came across a Baby Katie as well, completing my collection of Best Friends, (to the extent that none of them have the little animal they originally came with, but these are the three ponies.)


Wup, wup, I love wrapping up a series… It gives you a sense of actually going somewhere, not just collecting in a hopeless sea of ponies where it will never end and you will never own them all…

I have to say though, I do own the ultimate My Little Pony, since Ablaze is never growing up and he still runs off with my shoes any chance he gets…

2014-09-12 18.16.02

And as much as the turtles make me smile and a Baby Applejack makes me sing and dance even when I am sick, there is no place I would rather be, than on my pasture, watching my horses eat…

2014-09-12 19.09.00

Still waiting for the biopsy result on Tardis. I removed her stitches the day after the vet had placed them. I didn’t want it to heal like that, and if it is sacroids, I would prefer not to bother it more than I have to… they do tend to get mean if you keep pestering them… And so now, I am wondering what is taking the lab so long, and if I should call the vets and ask, but at the same time, I do like not knowing for a little while longer…

So it’s Monday tomorrow. I’ll call and ask then. The lab shouldn’t be that slow. The times we did blood work on Apollon and Saleem, it never took them more than a day… a biopsy can’t be that much longer, now can it?

And in the end, I am reading through a very scary story at the moment, one my friends sent me, of the oldest internet scam in history; the one of the long lost relative and how you should never, ever talk to people who suddenly start telling you stories like that. Let’s be realistic, most of us are not the long lost brother or sister of someone rich and famous and anyone trying to convince us otherwise, is up to something… I just never understood what they could gain from it, until my boyfriend told me that it is a very common scam, and what they are after is simply personal information.

Still, reading this story, I have to say, it ought to cure anyone of the internet. Which is mainly why I am having a hard time these days, being online, and updating my blog. But I’ll get over it. I just have to take a little time at the moment, to be stunned.

2014-09-09 15.58.25


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2 Responses to Baby Applejack

  1. LHK says:

    It does take longer with a biopsy, the one we took on Dorien with his summersores took more than a week, before the results were finally in… So patience… 😉

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