My friends and I were at a market place yesterday. That is always dangerous, but luckily there wasn’t a lot of people selling horses, in fact, only a few sad ponies stood there, tied to the fence all day. Even the shops selling equestrian equipment were hardly present. All in all, I was happy to see how horse trading at a market like this, is dying out.

Anyway, we did have a rather amusing day, looking through peoples stuff, most of which was utterly useless. I was pony hunting, to be honest, My Little Pony hunting, but only one person had thought to bring her kids sad looking My Little Ponies. A G3, Pinkie Pie, with the kid’s name written in instant marker down the side. You would be surprised what you can get off plastic… She turned out pretty nice once I was done with her.


And the most horribly mistreated Applejack I have ever come across. I even wondered if she was worth the symbolic amount of money I paid for her.  I did bring her though, because like I wrote in a previous post, my own Applejack had his eyes repainted when I was a kid, but I could swear he had blue eyes to begin with, only any other Applejack I have some across since, has had green eyes… This sad looking Applejack at the fair, she had blue eyes.


So I took her home, and here she is. I know her tail is still discoloured, but it was BLACK with rust, so I have to say, she made an amazing comeback. Whatever this little girl has been through, she will now join my Applejack family and retire.


My friends always wanted to turn me into a girl and somehow they managed to get me a pair of high heeled shoes and a dress to match…

I found some awesome wigs for the Dark Mare Pictures firm, and of course my friend and I had to spent the evening playing with our new dresses and the wigs and on my part the shoes and my new pants… Here is a selection of us, and rare proof that if you get me a wig, you might get me into a dress as well… (Click on them.)

10614183_834458033265246_717703204375630227_n 1467433_834458059931910_229482041686363752_n 1512359_834458243265225_6863563816180128820_n

10644956_834458513265198_1333181183065211665_n 10639672_834458679931848_2335797251299012392_n 1780723_834458839931832_4409428521082744245_n

10710814_834458916598491_5180901535803462247_n 10696371_834457486598634_500855267442632473_n 10678739_834457706598612_3925938217020885045_n

And yeah, not my usual picture quality, we took them at her place and I snatched them off Face Book and as we all know, face book ruins pictures… Still, awesome wigs.


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