As some of you may recall, I totally wished for gravel for my birthday, because I am sick of mud in front of my horse – houses all winter and nothing else stands a chance against the Danish winter and the weight of the horses. Mud is everywhere in Denmark, once the rain sets in, and it is impossible to keep the horses hooves dry, bringing with it lousy hooves and skin infections. I have been told by wiser people than me though, that gravel, placed on dry ground, should keep the horses from muddying up the place too badly, so it had to be tried. Only, gravel does not come cheap, so when my mother in law asked what I wanted for my birthday, what could I possibly want more?

I know, I am a strange kind of person. But really, it is something I desperately need to make our lives easier every single day of the year.

And it arrived today. What I had not expected was how totally awesome such a pile of gravel was for playing in, rolling in, digging in and did I mention, playing in? I should have brought my camera… As it is, I only have a few lousy cell phone pictures, but you will have to take my word for it.

unnamed (2)

Ablaze and Marble kept running through it at top speed, bucking and rearing and I swear, laughing. Apocalipse instantly climbed the hill and started digging in it and when Saleem wanted to join him, Apocalipse discovered that he was much taller than Saleem on the top of the pile, without rearing up against him. Perfect, ha?

unnamed (6)

Saleem did win the pile in the end though…

unnamed (4)

And Tardis, she just rolled in it as much as possible. All in all, I don’t think I have seen the kids have so much fun since I set up that water basin this summer, and they played in water for a few hours, until it broke. This gravel, it should last longer…

unnamed (5)

The guy who delivered it was a little skeptic about driving into the pasture with the horses on it. He thought they would get scared of his huge truck, at least when he started unloading it, right?  Yeah, not my horses. My horses are curious. They poke their noses in everything. My boyfriend and I ended up putting them in halters and dragging them away from the truck, to keep them from being underneath it when it unloaded.

unnamed (7)

I love how open minded they are. I love how trusting, and curious they are. Seeing my five youngsters look at a huge truck and wonder how it could be used for playing, rather than being afraid of it, is just… priceless. I couldn’t ask for more.


The truck driver even said that he was impressed by how cool they were, since he had just delivered gravel to another place, with Arabians, and you know, they are crazy… running around in circles, spooking over everything… I couldn’t help but point out that aside from Marble, my horses are Arabians too… And no, they are not crazy, it’s all in how you train them and what they see on a daily basis. The guy who owns my stable has a lot of heavy machinery, they watch him drive it regularly.

He does usually want to you know, use my pasture to wash off his machines when he is done with the harvest for instance, and I kept telling him not to drive anything on to my pasture without me being there, because my horses would not just let him place a harvester within reach. He did laugh to begin with, but he doesn’t anymore. These days, my horses has taught him to call me and ask when I’ll be there, because my horses are everywhere, swarming anything he drives onto the pasture in an instant and he doesn’t like teeth marks in his harvester…

So, what I am saying, is that I love these five youngsters, I keep being impressed by their courage and their spirits and they are such a happy little gang, one has to smile just to be around them.

unnamed (8)

And, thank you, thank you, thank you, mother in law. We already love our gravel.


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6 Responses to Gravel

  1. Love how cool your horses are 🙂
    About the lousy hooves: I already heard from many horse owners that a grated onion mixed with raw honey is very effective. Want to try it this winter, too, as mine always has hoof trouble in the winter months (very muddy paddocks here in Poland, too).

    • Starstone says:

      Thanks 🙂 I have to understand this, does the horse eat it or do you aply it to the hoof? 🙂

      • 🙂 you apply it to the hoof 🙂

      • Starstone says:

        Hehe sounds like a bit of a strange idea 😉 but then again… In Denmark people treats skin infections on the horses legs with honey… I have to admit, I am more the kind who calls the vet and gets it on antibiotics 😉 And my horses are outside 24-7 so applying something to the hooves is a bit hopeless, since they will just walk it off in no time 😉 But It sounds like a funnny idea, I will have to look into it 🙂 Or, you let me know if it works 😉

  2. jen says:

    Gravel is awesome! When Blue had so many frog infections, I got a load of pea gravel and confined her to a pea gravel pen for a couple of hours a day. The dryness of the gravel sucked out all the excess moisture that was contributing to the infections. Then I’d put some topical antibiotics in and around her frogs and let her out on pasture again. I also use gravel in areas where there’s likely to be mud – near my feeders, by the walk-through gate, etc. It works great!

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