Ninja Foal

I was in my bed all day yesterday, having my boyfriend take care of the horses on his own, so I could get a chance to recover. (I’ve been sick on/off for about two weeks now.) Anyway, lying in bed is so boring, the cats and I ended up watching TV series all day, and we even ran out of X-files, so what is a girl to do…

Anyway, I am always a little unsettled about letting my boyfriend take care of the horses on his own. Usually I would say that it was because I am afraid that Marble will accidentally kill him, since she has been biting and kicking a lot, but that’s not it anymore. He handles Marble very well and she has come a long way, most of the time, she is not a fire spewing dragon anymore.

No, my new problem is Ablaze. Not that I am afraid that Ablaze will kill Aston, because he won’t. I’d trust that foal to the end of the world and back. No, my problem with the two of them, is that Ablaze is my wild little foal, and he gets on Aston’s nerves.

Aston thinks he is too violent, too untrained, and generally allowed to misbehave too much.

And I get that, from watching the two of them together. Abalze is a bully towards him and Aston doesn’t read him too well. Aston keeps playing along, right until the foal does become dangerous, and then he gets upset with Ablaze, for biting him for instance and all I can say, is really, you asked for it.

Ablaze is a very sensitive young man, he responds to the smallest change in your body language, the pitch of your voice, anything. Aston always had this idea that he could wrestle the boys, like Apollon for instance, or Apocalipse… I have tried to tell him than Apocalipse is a very special young man, and yes, with him, you can win by pushing at him. He will move away by touch. But, what I want, is for my horse to respect my space, and “wrestling” them, letting them play on their brute strength, is just stupid. The only reason why he usually got away with playing with Apollon like that was because I had had the horse for ten years before they met, and I hat trained it.

Apollon was insanely dangerous as a colt, and so is Ablaze, if you encourage him.

It’s just…. I love Ablaze, the way he is. His untamed spirit. And 99% of the time, Ablaze is very careful with me, very attentive and  not dangerous at all, simply because I never play with him, unless I am in charge of the game. I never start something with him, where I won’t come out on top, so to speak.

If he comes up to me, with that twinkle in his eyes, saying “let’s play!” I set the rules for the game. Even if I let him run of with one of my shoes or something else, I give it to him and say, “This, you can bully. When you are done, and can be nice, you come back.” It works for us. He has got charm, charisma, a great sense of humour, and yes, he is a hot head, but he is exactly like I want him to be.

The only problem is, my two boys don’t get along. So, how do I fix that? How do I explain to Aston that when that foal comes up to him with that twinkle in his eyes and says, “Let’s play,” you don’t just run off with him, and starts playing with him. You don’t rely on him to keep your space, if you invite him in, by accepting his invitation.

How do I make them work out, so Aston can read that foal, and handle him, when I am sick? Yesterday, all he had to do was groom Ablaze and he said Ablaze started kicking at him with his front legs, and biting him, so it took a very long time to get those hooves cleaned.

First off, that is of course completely unacceptable behaviour from our foal. My first instinct was, well, get him in a halter and tell him to stop, if you cannot handle it any other way. Do not keep picking a fight you will keep losing. And second, why? Why would my perfect little foal suddenly start behaving like that?

My only explanation is that Aston simply doesn’t read him too well, and accidentally pushes his buttons somehow, just like Ablaze sure pushes his… Because we can all agree that Ablaze is an explosive young man, but the thing is, he is also very, very gentle. Inside Ablaze there is a soft little teddy bear who gets upset when you tell him “no,” who feels severely mistreated when the other horses bully him, and who is acting out, to hide how mellow he really is, which is very needed when you are growing up amongst Saleem, Apocalipse, Marble and Tardis. All horses with huge personas and explosive tempers. Ablaze is keeping up and his best defence is always, to just become wild and if that doesn’t work, hide behind mom…

He has a very short way from bucking, rearing, kicking, biting, wild, wild, wild foal, to baby Ablaze, withdrawing into his shell, like a snail, seeking refuge with Tadis. And I know, he is not a foal anymore, he is a year and a half by now. But in so many ways, he is very young and very unable to handle Apocalipse for instance, once he explodes once in a while. It is only natural that he would take it out on Aston, he is even bullying Marble these days, because she lets him get away with it. Don’t get me wrong, Aston doesn’t let him get away with it. But he does… encourage it, simply by not reading the horse fast enough.

Now, I don’t know what happened yesterday, I wasn’t there, I just know that I feel very protective of that foal and his wild heart. When I ask how Marble was, it is always because I fear that she may have hurt him and it is truly a relieve to find that she is getting better. When I ask how Ablaze was, I am really asking, if they picked a fight again, not because I am worried for Aston’s safety, but (I know how this sounds,) but because I worry for my foal. For that precious, precious spirit of his. I never want to see that light in his eyes go out. I never, ever want him tamed and broken.

Oh, and here he is, wearing my old TMNT cap, (Teenage mutant ninja turtle), that’s a worn down Raphael that’s on the cap. Does it get much more awesome than this?

unnamed (11)

Super ninja awesome foal, with a Raphael cap. How trusting, how full of humour, how perfect he is…

unnamed (10)

And I know, he must behave around other humans than me. Thing is though, I am not the kind who blames the horse. It takes two to start a fight.

But I will go talk to him about it today, and ask him kindly if we could not kick people when they try to clean his hooves…


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