Father And Son, Without Reins

Saleem and I are still working with the cordeo, or well, with nothing. He still refuses to trot without the bridle, so, we walk and work on our communication skills.




I do try to use my legs as little as possible, for turning, since Saleem seems to be confused about the “turn” signal, and the “forward” signal, when we don’t have the bridle on, so instead, if he does not follow my weight, I tend to hold out a hand, pointing in the direction I want him to go. It works for two reasons. One, because he can see my hand, and he is used to following my hand when we work from the ground, and two, because when I do hold out my hand, I become more aware of where my weight is placed.

So, most of the time, it works just fine. Once in a while though, Saleem stops and asks. “What are you doing with that hand? What if I don’t follow it?”

IMG_2167 IMG_2169 IMG_2172

There you have it, hyperflexion for the horsemanship riders. It’s that simple…

I love his way of asking questions. I adore his spirits in every possible way. And no, he is not getting a treat, we don’t use that.

Here we walk,



I ask him to stop, (don’t mind my hands, again, it helps me focus on where I place my weight.)



Good boy ❤


The hardest thing is really, where do you put your hands, when you are used to holding on to something at all times? I am revising everything I ever thought I knew about riding at the moment.

Leaning forward and hugging him may look cute, but I actually do that for a reason too. Saleem is hyper sensitive, and extremely touchy, so what we are really doing is training touch.



It doesn’t get much more beautiful than this horse though.

I have a few pictures of Apocalipse as well. I always take my photographers by surprise by how short a time I ride him, so they never get too good pictures, but Apocalipse is only four years old and so not done growing up yet, so what we do is simple.


I climb up, he walks around a bit, on a good day, I decide where we go, on most days, he desides and then we agree on “stop” and I am more than happy with him. The most important thing right now, with Apocalipse is not where and when, but how. He is just as touchy as his father (Saleem) and for him to be cool with me, sitting up there, is all important.


I am not in a hurry to break him in. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t planning on riding him anymore this year, but he keeps getting jealous when I ride Tardis. His latest move is chasing her away, as soon as I show up with her bridle. “Try riding her now, mom.” Apocalipse was always in a hurry to grow up. Which is why I am hanging on the breaks here, not letting him grow up too fast. We will get there.




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