My Little Pony- Friendship Is Magic – Series



Season One.

I have to admit, I don’t like the new My Little Ponies. You know, the generation 4. They look like bats. Or cats. Certainly not like ponies…

I always loved the old ponies, generation one, and their movies. You know, back in the day, where the evil dark lord would haunt down the ponies, cover them in darkness and turn them into dragons, forcing them to pull his carriage. Back in those truly evil days, where the ponies were so mean to each other, they truly felt like real little girls. Haven’t we all snickered when Baby Lickety- Split  messed up the dance routine, ruined the show and was told off for it, being told that she ruined everything and that they could never trust her again, sending her crying from the show? And it can’t just have been the Danish translation. Ah, those were the days… Where My Little Pony were cute looking and more evil than any other children’s show you could come across.

I discovered Netflix recently, and on Netflix, is the Friendship is Magic series. That is My Little Pony, g4. I have to admit, I sneak peaked. You know, just because everybody keep telling me that it’s a good series and I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to like it. I am so disappointed in the ponies themselves, how could the series be any good?

It really is. I surrender. It’s a great show. My boyfriend even watched a lot of the first season with me. He even came by last night and asked me if I would stop writing so we could watch My Little Pony. If he didn’t get the evil glory of the old series, he sure finds this new one amusing.

Which is mostly, what it is. Amusing.

Twilight Sparkle is the main character. She is kind of the bookworm, studying magic, and writing to Princess Celestia about her studies on friendship at the end of every episode.


She also has Spike, our all time baby dragon, who was a baby dragon when I was a child and still is, apparently. But it is okay that Spike never grows up. He is more than a side kick in this series, he is a real character, which is pretty cool.

download (3)

Spike is in love with the pretty Rarity, who is the fashion designer of the group, the one who always looks perfect at all times.


Pinkie Pie is at all times just funny, always over the top, singing (out of key, just like back in the old days,) at the top of her lungs, never walking like an ordinary pony, always jumping about like a rabbit. You got to love her, just because she never stops being her annoying self.

download (1)

Those three are the three I identify with the least though.

Applejack was an old hero of mine. Back in my time, Applejack had a male voice in the Danish translation, and as such, I grew up thinking he was a boy. Meeting Applejack now, a redneck girl, is pretty awesome. Applejack is such a cowgirl, you won’t believe it. She is just awesome, from the top of her cowboy hat, to her applebucking tail. And her accent… She is one of the ponies that makes the series worth watching at all times, so yes, Applejack remains a hero of mine.


Another pony I identify with is Fluttershy. A Pegasus pony who is afraid of heights, who is too shy to speak to most other ponies, but have a way with animals, because of her gentle nature. She has her moments, where I see myself in her, and she has her moments where she becomes a Disney parody, singing in the forest to the animals, like a true Disney  Princess. Which is always awesome.

Fluttershy Image

And then we have Rainbow Dash, of course, my high flyer. Full speed ahead, always looking to prove herself, and her talent, Rainbow Dash tends to be rather insensitive towards the others at most times, but in such a way that you can’t help but just smile and shake your head and love her for it… I believe I was that girl for quite some time. I am not sure I haven’t turned into a Twilight these days, but Rainbow has dreams and goals and she aims for the sky. I love her for that.

download (2)

The stories are mostly just cute and entertaining. Granted, the first two episodes felt almost like the old series, with a dark Princess Luna, covering the world in darkness and you know, muahahaha and stuff… But it sort of went away. I keep waiting for Luna to show up again, but she doesn’t… Maybe in season two, fingers crossed. I know I will watch it, that is for sure.

Why? Because it isn’t just a children’s series. It is full of very adult references, that will make you snicker when you least expect it. And because it is cute, entertaining and most importantly, it is My Little Pony. You even forgive them their cat like looks in the cartoons. I am feeling my resolve slip when it comes to the ponies themselves as well. I am collecting g1 and g3 ponies. Not g4, they are ugly. But I already have a Rainbow Dash.


Maybe, I should just get an Applejack as well? And a Shutterfly? And maybe a Rarity, she is sooo pretty, even as a cat… and then, how can I not get a Pinkie Pie and  Twilight? And I have been looking up Princess Luna on ebay for quite some time now…

So let that be a warning. If you are a My Little Pony collector, don’t watch them. You will get sucked in. But if you are not a collector and just wants to gain some insight in the female version of friendship, or be entertained and amused, go watch it. Now.

You will only regret it a little, once you realize how much you actually enjoy it.

Thank you, Netflix.


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2 Responses to My Little Pony- Friendship Is Magic – Series

  1. Okay, I watched the first two episodes, and it is really awesome 🙂 Love it.. Can’t wait until we get the wifi up and running, so I don’t have to watch the rest on my phone 😉

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