Rain & A Foal

I think I mentioned it briefly before, but we got a new neighbour across the street, one that has horses. The first day, where the new horses moved in, it took my kids a while to see them, but once they discovered that there was something across the street, they were enthralled.

unnamed (25)

unnamed (33)

unnamed (27)

The horses across the street includes a foal. A very, very hyperactive foal, which my horses never tire of looking at.

unnamed (29)

unnamed (30)

And once the foal discovered my horses, and it was done running at high speed around the pasture, it started calling out for my horses. These days, Tardis spends a lot of time, watching the foal, and once she leaves the corner of my pasture were they can see each other, the foal calls for her. In a way, that is amazingly cute. (The foal is not alone on its pasture.)

unnamed (26)

In other news, the rain set in, kicking off the fall in Denmark, by drowning everything. Even my well drained pasture has taken more water in some places than it could hold. The horses don’t mind though.

unnamed (37)

unnamed (39)

I always found it funny, that when given the choice between a dry pasture or a minor lake, my horses are drawn to the water… They could have just stayed away from the water for a day or two, and it would have dried up, but no, that’s not how we roll…

unnamed (40)

unnamed (41)

So here we are, beginning to wish for winter to set in soon, with a bit of frost and hopefully, less rain. At least I am. My horses doesn’t complain. Apologies for all the pictures being cell phone pictures, I haven’t brought my camera out into the rain lately…

unnamed (35)


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2 Responses to Rain & A Foal

  1. sammerson says:

    I think Tardis is telling you something! It’s time for another cute baby!!! hahaha…j/k

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