Teeth (Again) And Roundworms

Yesterday, Saleem couldn’t eat again. Knowing me, you can imagine the state of panic I was in, although trying to put on a brave face as I called my vet for the third time in as many months.

I would like to explain, for new readers, that Saleem has a broken tooth, which we discovered three months ago, and that I had him checked last month, simply to calm my nerves. He was fine then, showing no signs of trouble. Yesterday though, he was in trouble.

Unfortunately my vets were extremely busy yesterday, and asked if they could wait until today, where they would show up first thing in the morning. I asked in return if I could give him some of the left over painkillers I had in my medicine cabinet and I was allowed to help him out a little, while we waited for today to dawn.

My vet came by at first light, but already last night, Saleem was eating again, the painkillers clearly working. She checked him out and there is no sign of infection, nothing really that should bother him, so her estimate is that he would have happened to stuff some hay into the hole last night, and that it had gone lose over the evening and now, we didn’t have a problem anymore. Except, that is not a lasting solution, if the poor horse can happen to disable himself like that, and I can’t help him out at all, so we discussed our options.

Of course option number one is to take him to a hospital and have the jaw broken and the tooth removed, but I keep dodging that option since I feel it is a really cruel operation and I would very much like to spare him that.

The second option was to take him to a hospital and have the tooth replaced with a filling, making sure no hay could stack up and bother him again. I have to admit, I was a bit more interested in that idea. My vet gave me the name of a tooth specialist I can contact if need be, who can do the job. That does let me feel slightly more optimistic in some ways…

I am going for the third option at the moment though. To buy equipment, one of those mouth things, to keep him from accidentally biting my hand off, and one of those water spray things, so I can keep him clean. My vet was a bit doubtful as to whether or not I could actually  manage that without sedation, but I am confident that Saleem won’t mind. It may take a few days of practice before we get used to it, but I don’t think his mild temper will be provoked by any of that. In fact, I believe he will learn to like it, when I clean off that tooth hole…

And, I always wanted one of those keep-the-mouth-open things, for training. I am sure it won’t take much practice before Apocalipse and Ablaze can wear them without sedation either, maybe even Marble and Tardis can learn in time, even though I have no doubt my girls will fight me more on that. Still, getting them comfortable with the whole teeth check experience, and maybe someday in the future being able to do it without sedation, is going to be awesome, not to mention how it gives me something to train, that won’t require me riding. Yes, I am still a little too uninspired, if I can call it that, to ride these days. Watching Saleem eat, day in and day out, wondering, is tearing me apart. It will be MUCH better for both of us, when I can open his mouth on a daily basis and see for myself that he is fine, or wash him off, if he is not…

As I was waiting for the vet to arrive, Ablaze came by, (warning, grouse pictures of poo,)  and left this at my feet.

unnamed (42)

As in eeeeeeeuuuuw!

unnamed (43)

That’s a roundworm, by the way, and they are not supposed to come out like that, unless the horse is crawling with them. Considering that Ablaze has got no less than four treatments for parasites since April this year, because of the herbonema, all of which should kill roundworms, I do think I have a problem with resistance here. My vet had the privilege of having this worm shoved in her face as she arrived, (I am a terrible person, I know,) and Ablaze is being treated first thing in the morning, we just had to find a new treatment for him, which is why we couldn’t do it today, trying to circumvent resistance. Fingers crossed.

So yes, everything is as it usually is on my pasture. I am hysterical, my vets handle me, and my horses are growing fat because all I want at the moment is for them to be able to eat their hay. I mean, is that too much to ask for? Really?


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