Life And Shy

I have a little cat post ready here… First up is Shy, helping me write on face book…


“Hello, what’s ya doin’? Is that your power button I see?”


I know, that horse statue should not be made to wear hats, but well, for some reasons it just happened. Shy helps it get rid of it and wups, it landed on my keyboard…


What are the odds?


Then we have Life, who now lives underneath my computer table on a small stool that used to hold one of my loudspeakers. It doesn’t anymore, since she knocked it down and claimed the space for herself. Once in a while though, she comes crawling out, wanting to cuddle.


She has a special sound she makes, the perfect impression of the Danish word “ræv” (fox) which never stops being funny…


It’s an angry sound, a demanding sound, a listen up you, do as I say, sound…


Sit in your chair now!


Right here! You will obey! Obey! Obey! (Imagine this in a Dalek voice….)


Small wonder I am not getting any writing done at the moment… Aston has an assignment at the university so I am stuck with both cats, and with going crazy, wondering what is up with Saleem… I really miss my books, I just can’t gather my thoughts these days.

Well, at least the cats can make me smile at all times… Even when they thwart my efforts to get any work done. These days, I mostly give in and watch Twin Peaks on Netflix, so I can hug Life and so I won’t cry when Shy turns off my computer at random…


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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2 Responses to Life And Shy

  1. hahaha my cats talk in dalek voices too ‘humans arrrrr inferrrriorrrr’ and ‘we arrrrr the maaaaaster rrrrace’

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