Foal Plate

I promised Ablaze I’d show the world how we treat foals on my pasture. Because around here, the best one can hope for, is to be used as a plate. Here Apocalipse, demonstrating.

unnamed (44)

Nice, the foal now has a lot of hay on his neck and when he looks up soon, I won’t have to bend down… Yes, here we go… Nice little plate…

unnamed (45)

Ablaze says “did you see that? Make him stop!”

unnamed (46)

Oh yes, my poor, poor young man. Apocalipse sure knows how to make sure he does not forget his place.

Saleem and I ventured out into the world today, checking out the neighbours new horses for the first time. I was sold on the spot, as was Saleem. They had a grey colt, and it’s a pony! Oh my, if I were rich, I had lots of grey ponies on my pasture…. and this one even spoke as much as my own usually does. He would fit right in…

unnamed (47)

Saleem did think they were amazing, and he even tried passage for the first time, totally showing off how awesome he is- Saleem never does that when ridden so I was busy telling him that I absolutely thought he was fantastic, and please keep it up, but could you use your back a little more? Yes, now that’s nice… I am horrible, I know…

When we came back home again, going past them again, he was completely calm though, allowing me to take these pictures. I keep getting astounded by how reasonable this horse is. No need to kick up a storm over new horses twice, now is there?

unnamed (48)

I must agree, but I have never owned a horse that wouldn’t kick up a storm, if given even the faintest opportunity.  I am humbled by how sensible this horse is.

I still don’t ride him much. We did ride a little back home the other day, since I am starting him on Cortaflex, and I needed to know if there might be any difference in his movements before and after. I have to say, I don’t know just yet, but after 24 hours since he got the first dosage, that mysterious swelling in his hook, that my vet guessed to be arthritis,  which he has had for at least four months now with very little change, went away. Just like that. Fingers crossed that Cortaflex can, once again, save me my horse.

unnamed 44

And the eating, or not eating varies a lot. Most days he eats and looks perfectly normal and then, once in a while, he just chews and chews and chews and spits the hay out at the last moment before swallowing. My vet suggested that we treat him for worms, (Google translate says they are called hypodermosis in English…) because some of them can stick in the throat and cause the horse great trouble, actually killing foals. I have to admit, I had thought of it myself, so before we submit him to a hospital and start operating on his teeth, we are going to try that. I would hate to put him through evasive surgery only to find that the problem was something else. So, yes, I am still stalling and my vet is, thankfully, helping me. Fingers crossed.


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