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Being the bitch that I am, let me tell you a little story about the Danish Post Office. That would be Post Danmark. You see, my boyfriend plays with those little figure things, like War Hammer and Flames of War, and Hordes and War Machines and such, (geek stuff, never mind,) and about a year ago, he helped a firm test their new game and rewrite some of the rules so the game worked out better. As a thank you, this company now, sent him the game.

Awesome deal, for both parties. Except the company sent two parcels from England to where we live, in Denmark. Only one of the parcels arrived.

Now, living in Denmark, it is quite common that mail go missing for long periods of time. So common in fact, that only the person who has sent the mail can ask the post office to look for it. If you, as the recipient, go ask them to find the parcel you never received, they tell you to fuck off. And yes, they are very rude about it.

So, my boyfriend wrote to the company and asked them to look for the parcel that never arrived. This is about six months ago by now. The company ended up being very nice and sending my boyfriend a replacement package from their storage in the states, free of charge as well.

Now here is where we get in trouble. Importing anything from the states, or from outside Europe, is very expensive if it gets caught in the custom, and it always does if there is a company name on it. The rules are hard to see through, and you never really know what to expect, if your mail gets caught, but you do know that Post Danmark charges the same amount of money for import, no matter the value of the parcel. Then we add the custom charges, which is based on the value of whatever it is you are importing.

And yes, this parcel did get stuck in custom. The replacement parcel, that is. The one we shouldn’t have had at all, if they had just delivered the first parcel. So, they emailed my boyfriend asking him to declare the value of the parcel. He wrote back to them that he didn’t know, it was a gift, and he would have to contact the company yet again, and ask for a value. So, we waited for that, of course.

Thing is, private persons can send each other gifts, without getting stuck in custom,  but a company cannot.

And then, my boyfriend paid what they asked, which was quite a lot, since these games does not come cheap and the value of this gift was quite high. The parcel was then delivered yesterday, six months after they threw away, (or possibly stole) the first one.

Turns out that the company had foreseen that it might get stuck in custom, and they had declared on the parcel that it had a very low value, thus preventing that my boyfriend should have paid custom charges. But, Post Danmark elected to ignore the company’s declaration and ask for another one, even after my boyfriend told them that this parcel shouldn’t even have been imported at all, if they had just done their jobs in the first place.

I have to say, it is not the first time, Post Danmark has been doing stuff like this, but it does take the prize. It really does.

One, they throw the parcel away.

Two, they trap the replacement parcel in custom.

Three, they ask for a declaration, even though they had one.

And four, no apologies for lousy service, no letting this one slide because clearly they messed up. No you pay up or we keep your stuff. Or, send it back. You will never know. Welcome to Denmark. Isn’t it just a nice little romantic kingdom where heaven forbid, you would buy anything from the big world outside our borders.

I kid you not. When I am searching for My Little Ponies on Ebay, I never buy them from the US, unless I can get them for less than 8£ (including shipping,) because anything above that will get stuck in custom and end up costing you four times as much, once they are done charging. It feels insane.

I mean, I understand the idea of buying things within our own borders as much as possible, for the sake of our work places and such, but things that are not produced in Denmark, like my boyfriends games, or even sold in the Danish stores, why must Post Denmark have absolute power over what it will cost you to import?

And if they could just say “sorry” once they threw mail away, that would be very nice, once in a while. I don’t feel that I am unreasonable here. But I guess, Post Danmark would beg to differ.


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