Ablaze Playing Along

I do have some new pictures to show of my kiddos. This time, Ablaze joined in. He is very shy when his mother plays. The only thing that can really scare him, is when Tardis goes wild. I guess it makes sense. How many kids like to see their mom act like a crazy teenager?


Anyway, these days they look so much like each other, it is uncanny. And the blanket never stops being the best game ever.


Ablaze has an amazing coordination. He doesn’t just chase it and accidentally step on it from time to time, no he catches it in the air, with his teeth. He is very skilled.






And I have to show off my bandana and blindfold horses as well, just because… we are really not afraid of the blanket, or stressed out by it. It’s all fun and games and they are completely comfortable with it at all times.




“I’ll just eat it!” 

Apocalipse so much that he doesn’t really bother playing along anymore and Saleem even more so, being able to sleep in the middle of Tardis and Ablaze, playing.


So far, it is a very mild fall. Don’t get me wrong, its cold, but not freezing. Last year, this time, we had storms, and were picking up roof tiles all over the pasture as the roof blew off the machine hall. It is a little strange, how warm it actually is, this year. One has to wonder if global warming has finally caught up with us.


Even the horses hardly bother to get a thick fur coat this year. They starred to, a month ago, but then it got warm again and they actually shed most of it again.


What do you know… If it does start to freeze all of a sudden, it could be kind of interesting now.



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