Final Read Through

A tiny update on my book. I am only missing the final chapter now, and then I am done with the final read-through. My mom and I have been planning the cover as well, but it will need some work still.

Yeah, that’s right, I have my mom design my covers. Mostly, because when she had read the Hand of Fate, the first of my books, she came up with the cover for it, simply because she had to draw the elven city. Once I saw her drawing, I knew that it was my cover. It was honest, and completely in the spirit of the book.

Lonely, hollow… Not lifeless, but empty all the same. I don’t know why my books always turn out with this longing in them, this sense of loss and hopelessness. I just know that my mom has been perfect at capturing it so far, and I will go with her for the Unicorns Horn as well as the last book in the series, once I get that ready for release as well.

The final read through is always hard. I have read these books so many times, and I have always loved them. Still, reading them this one last time, before publishing them, I start to question everything. Was that too much? Or too little? Did that make sense? Is it clear who is talking? It this part important for the story in general?

I would like to think that I don’t leave anything in my books that does not matter, somehow. I hate it when I feel like I am reading a lot of lines that could have been left out. Every word must have a part to play, or it should be deleted. The Unicorns Horn is the longest of the books in the Starstone Series, and by now, I can honestly say, I couldn’t cut it shorter. There is nothing in it, I could leave out, because every part of it is important for the next book, as well as for the book itself.

Only one more chapter left to go… I won’t go over it tonight. It’s too late, and I am getting tired. That won’t do. This chapter wraps up so much of my universe, I need to be awake for this… And then, we’ll get right on designing the cover. I hesitate to set a date just yet, but it should be out at the beginning of next week, if all goes well. Fingers crossed.


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