Twin Peaks – Series


Okay, I fought my way through Twin Peaks, both seasons. Yes, it kind of was a battle. I will admit, I’ve been re -hairing ponies while I watched half of it, simply to make it through.

It is a strange series. Mostly because, as boring as it was at times, I couldn’t quite let it go. Some annoying part of me had to know where this was going. I think it was mostly my curiosity that got me through this series, wondering how far they would go.


As it turns out, almost anything goes in this series. It has so many strange shots and scenes that you can’t help but be a little intrigued and half of the time, snickering to yourself. Like, a very serious scene, of business men in an office, at a meeting, and all of a sudden, everyone is dancing on the table for a few seconds, and the viewer is thinking, “wait, what?” Then the dancing just goes away and they continue the scene like nothing happened at all. I guess this describes the series quite well. You never know what to expect.

As for the story, of Laura, a young girl, found murdered, and the FBI agent, Cooper, brought in to help the local police solve the crime, it’s not very good. The Local police tries to be the classic good guy, a little slow of mind perhaps, but an altogether decent guy to the core. Most of the time he just comes across as dim witted though, easily going along with Agent Cooper and anything he suggests, no questions asked.


Agent Cooper is the reason why you watch it, him and Audrey. Agent Cooper has been to Tibet and learned a lot of spiritual things, he even manages to dream up the answer to who killed Laura in the end, as she comes to him and tells him… I kind of like how he believes in it all, and how he is able to rope the police in with his crazy stone throwing ideas…


As for the police work, I was biting my nails every time they were investigating a crime scene, with no gloves on, no precautions at all. When they discover Laura, and Maddie’s bodies for instance, they easily unwrap the plastic from the bodies without gloves. I cannot stand that. Even if the series is perhaps too old for DNA evidence, then how about fingerprints? Come on guys…

I know, details… I am horrible that way.

Audrey is a strange kind of girl. Through most of the series, you wonder what is up with her, or if she is going to be used for something wicked, somehow, because she seems borderline evil. I found her rather fascinating, and I was a little disappointed at how her story line played out in the end. It sort of came to nothing.


I am not going to go through all of the characters. Most of them are rather pointless anyway, and their story lines leading nowhere. Donna, James, Bobby, Big Ed, you name them, they could all have been left out and no one would have missed them or whatever sad love story they got twisted up in.

What really struck me about this series, was how it took its time with everything. I like that. It is not a fast series, it does not leave your heart racing at any time, and the only true climax it had was at the end of season one, when Cooper gets shot and you must watch the first episode of season two, just to see if he survives. Even that, takes its time, almost an entire episode, where he lies bleeding on the floor… Which is pretty awesome.


Another thing was that it is from a different time. From a time where, when a local girl was murdered, the school closed, the saw mills closed, everyone grieving for her. Now that is a strange phenomena these days. I guess it would be nice, if the world still worked like that. If we could still take a moment and honor those who left too soon.

I had been told that the series had been cut short, and that the story line was never finished, so I should expect to be left at the last episode, with a lot of questions. Which is why they are supposedly picking up the series again, now.


I don’t know. I kind of think it wrapped itself up nicely. Even with the last “twist” in the end and all. I had no need to see how it would play out, when the last episode ended, I was kind of smiling. I had expected nothing less.

So, should you watch it? Maybe. Depends on who you are. This is not a series for everyone. It is strange, weird, slow, fascinating show. So if you are a strange kind of person, who likes things that doesn’t necessarily make sense, then yes, give it a go.

For me, I know I only made it through because David Duchovny showed up in a dress, being very young and all… as a huge X-Files fan, this was kind of a perfect moment for me. I watched the rest of season two, hoping that she would come back…



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