I have been collecting My Little Ponies all of my life, which is why I created my second blog, Merlin’s Collectables,, so I wouldn’t spam this blog with pictures of my beloved ponies.

I am going to have to break that promise though, just this once. I recently traded a handful of Barbie dolls for a handful of rather special My Little Ponies. Yep, I have Barbie’s for sale, but I don’t mind trading… Anyway, that landed me with a bit of a problem. A mint Half Note.

And when  say mint, I mean never removed from box, never opened, mint.

I have a lot of ponies in original boxes, but none that are unopened. I never understood the idea of that. I still don’t. I mean, for me, I want to touch, to hug and kiss and admire from every angle, not just behind a piece of plastic.

My boyfriend told me instantly, to not open the package. She is mint, you know. She will lose a lot of value if you open the box.

I know. But… Poor girl, trapped in there forever… That is not what she was created for, was it?

I have to say, I respect the ponies very much. As a true collector, mint condition is very important to me. Mint condition, as in removed from box, but otherwise unharmed.

Don’t get me wrong, if I should come across a pony that just needs a bath or some mild conditioner to look good again, I am not afraid of resorting them, to their former glory, if possible, but I would always prefer not to. Untouched, unwashed, untreated in any kind, will always be worth more to me, than any fancy hair style one can make in a resorted pony, to make her look good. To me, it is about preserving the original pony.

But then again, mint… *sigh*

I have a Half Note already. She doesn’t have her guitar, which is why I agreed to the trade in the first place. I really want the guitar… But as my boyfriend pointed out, if I open the box, I have traded some very good Barbie’s for a guitar, a very expensive guitar, because as soon as the box is opened Half Note will be mint condition instead of mint, and her value will go way down. I know.

So what is value? In fairness, it only matters if I want to sell her, and I don’t. So why not open the box?

Because once it’s done, it cannot be undone. I will be torturing myself about this for a while…

Until then, here is my Half Note,


and here is my mint Half Note.


Notice the little pamphlet behind her? If I don’t open the box, I’ll never know what that is… Looking for a good excuse here, to open the box? Maybe… Maybe not.

Big, existential questions, I know. I promise this won’t happen too often on this blog. Bear with me, this once, please and tell me this; would you open it?


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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