Uncercover Cop

As I was driving home from the stable the other day, I was pulled over by an undercover police officer. I didn’t mean to write about it, but something about this whole experience stuck with me after all.

First of all, I live near a technical gymnasium, which is why I guess, the police keeps coming around. Lots of young people, driving way too fast, in old battered cars. True. Still, not the nicest group of people to trap and fine because if they had the money, I am pretty sure their cars would not be old and worn down… I have been pulled over twice before, with my friends, in their cars, practically at my own front door, because the cops lie in wait at the alley I live on.

This time though, it was dark, I was alone on my scooter and the police car was grey with no markings. Once a car like that, cross the road and drives onto the bike lane to stop you, I will admit, my first thought was not that it was a police car at all. I did stop the scooter, since he was blocking the road, but I didn’t turn it off.

He then made his car light up like a Christmas tree, all the way around the bottom, lots of tiny blue lights flashing for a brief second, which is not something I have ever seen a police car do before, and quite frankly, it looked more like a very bad make over, someone had given this car… That did not make me turn off my engine.

So he got out of the car and called out to me. Keep in mind here that I have very sharp head lights and I kind of pointed them at him, so he could not see me at all, against the light and with my helmet on, on a dark road.

“Hello, this is the traffic police. Do you understand Danish?”

My first thought was, to be honest, “fuck you,” because that simple question implied the whole reason why he pulled me over. I let him come closer though, keeping my engine running and my light at him, and I didn’t answer. Yes, I am strange that way, I hate it when people think they have the right to push me around. If I had all the money in the world, and could just pay the fine, this post would have read very differently. Then, I would have told him that pulling a girl over in the middle of a dark road, by power sliding your undercover car onto the bike lane, and not showing any kind of ID yourself, is very, very uncool. I would have instantly replied in English as well, just to see what he would do if I didn’t understand Danish…

As it was, I made him repeat himself as he walked up to me, and seeing his uniform in the light of my scooter, I finally turned off the engine. Thing is, my scooter is broken at the moment, as always, the speedometer and the counter is down… I couldn’t let him see it with the display on…

So, bending over like he was talking to a child, trying to see through my helmet, he asked me for a drivers licence, all the while telling me that my scooter was going too fast.

I found my driver’s licence and let him look at it for a while, with his little flash light, before I removed my helmet. I told him that this scooter is a year and a half old, it has been to all its checkups at the shop, (and many more because it keeps breaking down, didn’t tell him that,) and it was doing 30 km pr. hour.

He laughed and said, “well, people always say that when I pull them over. Just 30. Are you sure you can’t make yours go 32?”

As it is, I am sure I can, as my scooter is a lot faster than other 30 scooters I come by on the road, because it is very heavy and going downhill for instance, it gains momentum. So what? When you pull over a car for speeding, 2 km pr. hour, is not something you can count on, it is such a small difference you wouldn’t even get a ticket for it.

I said no, though. I don’t think it can go 32. Applying my blonde and blue eyed smile, I have used every time I have been stopped as a kid, for not wearing light on my bike, getting ready to cry and play the sick- horse- card if need be, (always worked, never got a ticket…) the guy took one look at me and smiled.

“Well, you don’t look like a “motor bully” (Danish word for bad guys on bikes…) Have a good night.”

And like that, he handed me my ID back and got back in his car.

I will say, I was left rather surprised and pretty disgusted. Let’s look at this objectively. What he was hoping to catch was someone with dark skin, who didn’t speak the language, and who had tampered with his engine to make it drive too fast.

I say that, because he asked me twice, in a rather unpleasant voice, if I spoke the language. So what, if I didn’t? Would that have meant something?

Clearly he was pulling me over because my scooter is going too fast, I know it is, which is why I always keep a look out for police cars, and when they are in sight, I make sure to not let it run as fast as it can. I cannot, however, keep an eye out for undercover Christmas trees…  I had no way of seeing him coming and to be honest, 2 km pr. hour… he must have been very bored.

Which leads me to believe that he was looking for an illegally tampered with, scooter. Which makes it even more disgusting that he didn’t even check it out, once he saw that I was a perfectly blond, Danish looking girl, who spoke the language perfectly. Because someone like me, doesn’t look the part. He fricking said that.

So much for upholding the law and not judging people by their looks, or the colour of their skin. Welcome to Denmark. Aren’t we a proud nation…


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2 Responses to Uncercover Cop

  1. jen says:

    I’m giggling just a bit at the the thought of being a criminal, due to a super-charged scooter that does 2 km/h over the speed limit. Denmark must not have a lot of crime??? And it is super, super, super creepy that an undercover police officer would pull over a girl alone on a road at night. I wouldn’t have trusted him either!

    • Starstone says:

      Haha I guess we don’t have a lot of crime, no 😛 And I know, the whole thing is rather funny, because I am a native Dane, but if I hadn’t been, I am pretty sure he would have caused a lot of problems for me. I have known a lot of refugees in my time, and none of them could have been pulled over like this, without losing the scooter for one reason or another …

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