Winter, it would seem, finally came to Denmark two days ago. Without warning we went from ten degrees Celsius to minus five over night, and everything froze. I cannot believe how lucky we were, shooting those film clips with the horses (from the post, Fire,) on the last day the ground was soft.

The sudden, unexpected frost brought with it trouble though, since my water died. I usually leave my hose running, just a little, so my horses won’t have frozen water, but this time, I didn’t see it coming. We spent the entire Sunday, getting my hose going again. And we did. Fantastic.

Monday morning we were in trouble again though. No water anywhere. And I mean, anywhere. The entire farm was dead. So, I had to bother the guy who owns the place at his work, asking him if he may have turned the water off somewhere.

Turns out, something is broken, and even inside his house, the water  disappeared. Now isn’t that a great way to start December. Happy, cheerful Christmas month, you now have five horses and no water. What’s ya gonna do?

Luckily, I always have more water in my barrels than I need, because I am that kind of crazy, so we got through yesterday without problems. Now though, I am sitting at home wondering what I’ll find once I show up at the stable today.

Has it been fixed somehow? Will I have water? Or, am I spending the rest of the day, begging for water from the neighbours, (hoping they have water,) carrying buckets to my pasture?

Not filling up my barrels today, is out of the question. You don’t have animals without making sure they have water. I am just stalling for five minutes here, writing this post, delaying that I have to go and find out how to fix this.

Okay. I can’t think of any other delay tactics. Best be off. Don’t you just love winter…


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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