Rain, Rain, Rain

This is so depressing. It’s been raining for days now, just pouring down. Everything is wet, muddy and altogether, sad… The horses are holding up, although they haven’t been outside at all, for what feels like weeks. That is, I guess, what you get from letting them chose. Rain? Hell no, we’ll stay in today.

I am very happy to see how they have divided into two little herds. Saleem and Marble lives in the little house these days, and much to my surprise, did Apocalipse move out into the big house, and Tardis is okay with it most of the time. She used to be hysterical about not being near any of the other horses when she was inside, which was why we build a second house to begin with, but right now, she is playing house with Apocalipse and her son, Ablaze, and most of the time, they look like a very happy family.

Apocalipse has had a huge swelling on his one front knee, and has refused to walk for days, simply because he didn’t want to bend the knee. I will admit, I have held up on calling the vet, because I know him and I know that if it had been any of the others, a swelling like this would not have required treatment. It is only because he is fussy and feels much more sorry for himself, than the others do. I have been checking his temperature twice a day, to make sure his blood wasn’t infected, and I keep telling him to go outside and walk that swelling off. The more he stays inside, the less it’s going to go away.

He has a tiny wound on the leg, having probably pissed off Saleem at some point, and taken a blow to the upper arm, which is where the wound is, and where the swelling started. It’s a bruise. A really big one, but as far as I know, not one that requires antibiotics, which is why I haven’t called my vet. They always tell me that as long as the swelling is moving with gravity, downwards, it’s fine, and that is what it is doing, ending up in his knee…

Ablaze takes turns being bored with the company of the others. Luckily he can slip in and out of both houses unharmed and he does so happily. It does show, in my little house, where I keep my things, how bored the horses are with being inside so much. They have taken to reaching across the wall and emptying my closets at all times, playing with my things. Aside from finding my blankets and such, trampled, slept on and played with, they do reach much further than I expect them to, once in a while, and get a hold of other stuff. Like Aston’s helmet.

Yeah, that’s dead… You should see it on the inside…  Terror kids…

IMG_3052 IMG_3051

And me? I am not doing anything. I am sick of muddy rain clothes, slippery roads, unwilling scooters who hates rain, wet horses, wet hay, wet gloves, wet, wet, wet everything… I know I should be editing the Danish version of The Unicorn’s Horn, I apologize to all of you who is asking for it, but I just can’t wrap my head around anything at the moment. This weather is truly getting to me by now.

I never thought I’d say it, but how about some frost, and some snow instead? At least that would enable me to groom the horses, once in a while, and it would make them go out and play again. All of this hiding indoors is killing me, just as much as it is killing them. And I know, we could just go out. But it rains…

So I stay home most of the time, looking up My Little Ponies on Ebay, that I am not going to buy, get in the way of my boyfriend and his work, by painting custom ponies in his work room, and try not to feel guilty about not editing my book. And when I do turn on my own computer, and doesn’t end up on Ebay, I usually write on my Science/ fantasy series instead of editing… Which of course, makes me feel guilty again… add to that, I have had the Kiss, the Dragon and the Werewolf, the book I am writing with my friend Noel, for months now, and I haven’t written my part yet… So many things I should be doing and truth be told, once the horses go to stand by, because of the weather, so do I. I cannot function without spending hours every day grooming, hugging, kissing and just sitting on my pasture, adoring them. This feeding, cleaning hooves and wounds, and swimming back home, is just not enough to keep me going, and everything in my life suffers from it, except perhaps the cat. Life loves it, that I am home and doing nothing, so much…

So I guess that what I need to do it pick up Saleem one of these days, and go for a ride, no matter how much it rains. I know he won’t complain. I just feel sorry for him, all the same… I mean, he wouldn’t chose to go out on his own, why then should I make him?

Here he is, sleeping with Marble, telling me to put that flash away…


It has been years since I have seen him sleep inside. He hardly ever does. This rain is getting to us all…


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