Turning Red

Like I may have mentioned in my previous, depressive post, it’s been raining, raining, raining. On that note, part of my pasture has been turned into a lake, and with the random frost at night, a half frozen one.

ice water

I am usually all for encouraging the horses to play in water, and as long as it is only half frozen, I am okay with it as well, but I do not cheer at the prospect of this lake freezing, rather than draining away.

I have been trying to move the drinking spot for months now, sneaking two water barrels up on my gravel, to prevent the ground from becoming muddy around the water, but Saleem and Apocalipse has stubbornly refused to drink from the new spot. They have walked right past it, into the rain, through the mud around the old spot, just to drink from the right barrels. Don’t tell me that horses are not creatures of habit… As much as they hate mud, even more so, do they hate the prospect of having to drink from barrels that was placed in the wrong spot…

unnamed (51)

Well, there is a first for everything, and Apocalipse surrendered today, trying out the new spot, for the first time in months. I was so happy, I had to take a picture to prove it. He was totally drinking from my drinking spot on the gravel!

unnamed (52)

I know, I could just remove the barrels in the old spot and force them to drink where I wanted it, but that is not how things work on my pasture. Knowing my horses, knowing Apocaplise and Saleem, that would have caused a lot of trouble and they would have probably been drinking muddy water out of puddles, (or the lake), for months before they gave in. No one forces my kids to do anything. They will fight back, anyway they can.

Another strange thing that happened today was that I found one of Marble’s brushes. It went missing months ago, two, three months ago, I hardly remember anymore. At the time, I thought I may have dropped it out of the grooming box, or maybe Ablaze had snuck off with it, when I wasn’t looking, (he does that,) but it has been gone. As in, gone, swallowed by the earth, gone. Today though, it fell out of the hole in time and space it had been hiding in and appeared at the far end of my pasture.

I noticed from a distance that there was something red lying around, and I thought it may be some idiot having thrown a bottle or a soda can into my pasture, (people do that, bastards,) and hysterical as I am, I went to pick it up immediately. Ablaze plays with everything, I have wrestled quite a few soda cans from his baby teeth in our time… But this, was what I found as I came close.

unnamed (50)

Didn’t see that coming. It doesn’t even look like it has been buried in mud at any point. So where it may have been, I’ll never know. I do know that I am glad to find it. I have been buying these things for months now, since the mice at the stable has a tendency to go for them, and Marble hates it if the brush has been chewed on, and may have sharper edges than it should… This one, having been gone for so long, is in better condition than the others I have. And I know, I should set up poison, or traps and get rid of the mice, but… As long as they are only eating my plastic brushes… I am not much for killing them, really… (All the horse food is safely locked away.)

Saleem and I went out yesterday, for the first ride in a week. It turns out, that riding Saleem just after a whole week of rain, is quite a mistake. He needs at least a day in good weather to return to normal, otherwise he is in fact, very, very… red.

The problem with constant rain, is that Saleem shares the house with at least Marble, but a lot of the time, Ablaze as well. That means that his patience is tested a lot, since they are everywhere, adoring his every move.

It means too, that he doesn’t get to sleep as much as he wants, and at the same time, not going out because it rains, he doesn’t use his body as much as he usually does, which all adds up to Saleem being worn down mentally and over energetic psychically. I know he needs a day of sunlight to reset. Still, I didn’t know if we would have more than one day without rain and I figured that I really needed to go out. So, I took him out. He is usually so sensible, not red at all, so I figured we could handle it by now.

I won’t lie, it was kind of a mistake on my part. Not only did I take him out a day to soon, I tried to go down a road we haven’t been down a long time, which led to us, suddenly spinning on a hind leg and running off towards home, full gallop in the middle of the road. I swear I have no idea what spooked him and he has never spooked like that before. Luckily, it didn’t take too long before I could reason with him and get him off the road, making sure he wouldn’t hit the (rather offended) cars that had to hold back for us.

So, I tried going back the way he wouldn’t go, and he insisted that there was a saber- toothed tiger in the bushes, and flat out refused. I won’t lie, that doesn’t happen often with Saleem and sine I wasn’t wearing a saddle, I couldn’t jump off and walk him past it, because I am too uncoordinated to jump back up without something to stand on, when I don’t have a stirrup with me. So, I caved and we went down the road we go down the most.

Saleem kept being jumpy and spooky and he even started reminding me a little of my old boy, Poseidon, deliberately misunderstanding my signals. Like, when he would happen to go sideways into the road, instead of staying in the road side, and I would push him with my leg, asking him to move back into the roadside, he would instantly jump into a trot. And of course, he would be very offended when I told him, no, that was not what I asked. Sideways, not forward. I could almost hear him screaming, “But you used your leg! That totally means forward!”

unnamed (53)

Which it kind of doesn’t, but he was so adorable I found it hard not to smile at him. Who would have thought, Saleem, turning red, at long last. I almost didn’t miss Poseidon for a second there…

And now, we are preparing for the next week and all the rain they are promising is going to come… the kids are ready. Poor Saleem is too.

unnamed (54)

It’s not easy to be the grown up.



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