Christmas Spirit

I know, I’ve been slacking on my blogging lately. Truth is, I don’t have any new and exciting things to talk about at the moment. I am busy editing the Danish version of The Unicorn’s Horn, wanting it out before the end of the year, and pretty sure I won’t make it, because soon Christmas will be getting in my way. I can’t edit more than three or four chapters a day, simply because by then, I become sloppy and let words slide, I wouldn’t normally have approved of. So, it takes time. Hopefully I will have time, most days, to work through a few chapters.

Not today though, since my girlfriends and me are holding our very own before Christmas, with each other today, exchanging gifts and making an evening out of it. I know, I am full of lousy excuses to postpone editing. Like I have been doing with the Danish version of Surviving the Equestrian World for almost a year now. I’ll get to it. Once The Unicorn’s Horn is out in Danish, I’ll get back to it…

Being a writer is easy for me, but editing, setting up the book for release, battling Word every time, because no matter what version of Word you use, something is always wrong, most likely the table of contents, but it could be anything, really, that is just not something I look forward too, no matter how much I love the story. Reading it critically, asking myself if every sentence makes sense, to someone who isn’t me, gets tiresome. Especially the second time around, in the second language.

And it always feels like it is taking me away from writing on my books, when I have to spend my free time editing. All those stories in my head has to take a back seat for a while, and wait their turn. Most of them don’t like that. I’ve got some pretty rude characters in my head, they start screaming at me, I swear…

In other news, it’s still raining, most of the time, my pasture is muddying up, killing my grass, but my horses are in good spirits so far. The swelling on Apocalipse’s leg (from his tiny wound,) even went away at long last. So, no real complaints, aside from how I find everything a little hard cope with at the moment, and that does take a toll on my blogging. But I figure it gets bothersome to keep reading about me, complaining about rain and muddy pastures, and how I won’t have any grass left, come summer, if this goes on much longer…

Just not feeling the Christmas spirit so much at the moment. I am thinking the girls are going to help me out tonight, when it comes to that. They are hopeless that way. Santa’s happy little helpers. You got to love them for it.


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