It just hit me the other day, since I wrote the “Turning Red” post,

using the word “red” as a way to describe Saleem.



Maybe it was a bit too unclear what I meant by that, because we can all agree that Saleem is red. Always have been, always will be. So, why would I call him “red” when instead of hysterical, for instance? Or unreasonable? Or unforeseen? Unexpected? Slightly impossible? Dangerous? Because all of the above is what the word “red” means to me.

baby blanket 1


Poseidon and Apollon was half trotters and half Frederiksborger, the Danish national breed. Now, the trotter blood has a good reputation amongst vet’s and Ferrier’s, but the Frederiksborger horse, not so much. Where the trotter is known for being gentle and easy going, the Frederiksborger is known for its explosive and rather dangerous temper. At least amongst my vets. I know, it’s a cold blooded breed, they should be nice and easy, and most people would swear that cold bloods are much nicer horses than race horses, for instance.


Legacy and Apollon (Legacy was a trotter)

Most people would be wrong. Try and do something to a cold blooded horse, it doesn’t want you to do, like inject it with antibiotics, or sedation, or anything really, and you’ll find that it is lethal.



The Frederiksborger horse is famous for its deep red colour.



Since I had Poseidon and Apollon for most of my life, my vets did sometimes, accidentally, drop snide remarks about them, and I always took offence and defended my lethal boys. Right up till the moment where one of the female vets stopped herself in mid sentence, not wanting to offend me, while saying something like, “Well, he is very…. red.”



I had to admit, I laughed. Being red, the way she said it, just summed up everything that is dangerous about the Frederiksborger horse and I will be the first to admit, it was completely true. Both of my boys could be lethal, Apollon more than Poseidon, but still… They were very, very red.



My Ferrier always called them “Red cat’s” because they were all over the place, hanging off the walls and mostly, because we all know that red cats are kind of evil…



Over the years, the word “red” just became a word I used as in inside joke, to describe something very precious to me- my two red boys. I know I have called them my red boys on this blog before, and I swear it was never because of their colour. I just never explained it before, did I? My mistake.



So, sorry. I’ll try not to write any other “turning red” posts, where I am proud of my obviously red horse, for being red. It was never about Saleem’s colour, but all about his mindset. I guess it came across somewhat anyway, but still, I think I should explain, hence this post.



And no, I am not proud of Saleem for being lethal, or acting up or… who am I kidding, I am. Anything unexpected I get from Saleem is fantastic. I have been waiting for six years for him to come out of his shell. I am so happy that he is finally turning, just a little, red.



Saleem is Arabian by the way, not related to Poseidon and Apollon at all.



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