So I’ve been a lousy blogger again lately. Truth is, this time of year is always kind of strange. You know the week between Christmas and New Year, where you mostly just wait for the year to be gone…

So, looking back on 2014, what did we do? I hardly remember, to be honest. It seems that I have been doing something at all times, and then again, what comes to mind?

Of course, I published two books, Surviving the Equestrian World, and The Unicorn’s Horn, the latter in Danish as well as in English. I never got around to edit the Danish version of Surviving the Equestrian World, (I will, promise,) but this is not a post about what I didn’t do, because that would go on forever…

Cover White - Dansk Cover Red Cover Saleem

Saleem and I were at the beach for the first time. That was a very nice day and I was so proud of my young man.

IMG_0245 IMG_0082

Saleem and I were at our last show under the Danish Equestrian Federation (DRF) as well. Since, I have withdrawn on all counts, and is no longer a member of DRF or FEI anymore.


We were at our first DHE event this year as well, DHE is Danish for “the whole equipage,” and even if I still feel that it is not exactly that kind of events that is me and my horses, it sure is an alternative to the federations that I am happy to support.


We even tried agility for the first time.


And won our first dressage class where I felt that I was being judged by my own standards… Truth be told, I would have hated to be beaten in my own game, because this is how I have always ridden my horses, and it meant a lot to me to meet a judge that understood what I was doing for a change.


What else… Oh yeah, Ablaze is growing up, and even if he is only a year and a half old, he is the same size as his wonderful mother now.







He is the perfect young man, my wild and ever untamed foal. I adore his heart and his charisma and his free spirit.


Tardis and I have been riding a little, we even tried going on the road for the first time alone. Truth be told, she is five years old this year and still very young, so I haven’t ridden her that much. She remains wonderful to work with though.



unnamed (13)



Apocalipse and Marble were at their first event and they handled it just perfect.




Marble has improved a lot. She has had some trouble with locking stifles, and for a moment this spring, I feared that I may lose her, but my Ferrier has done a fantastic job, once again, and she hasn’t been bothered by it for a long time now. Fingers crossed. She even stopped being quite as aggressive as usual.


Apocalipse was broken in, sort of. At four years old, he is nowhere near ready to be ridden, and as a headshaker he does not wear anything on his face well, so he forced me to jump off at the deep end and swim, breaking in my young man with nothing but a cordeo.


Which means that he can carry a rider now, and walk forward and stop. We can’t turn, we can’t trot or canter, so really we are not broken in at all, but it’s a start.


It did lead to me, deciding to ride Saleem without a bridle as well. That, and the fact that Saleem broke a tooth, which of course has nothing to do with the bit at all, but it did cause me quite a lot of grief, and I decided to truly change my ways from now on.





I still don’t know how he broke it, the vet thinks that the tooth was fractured when he broke his jaw as a youngster, and that it just gave up now, out of nowhere. It did happen out of nowhere, that is for sure…


I just know that we have done so many x rays of that horse’s face, I find it strange if the tooth had been fractured and we hadn’t seen it, but what do I know…

Dark Mare Pictures has had quite some ups and downs this year, still struggling to get off the ground as a business. We have been working on it a lot though.




Aside from the movie making jobs Dark Mare Pictures has had for the University, we have worked on a lot of different in house productions, and all of our very best friends has been fantastic at supporting us and joining in.





I won’t lie, my band has been at a bit of a stand still, even if we actually worked out how to meet a few times a month. Most of the time, our rehearsals has been turned into My Little Pony geek nights, but I guess that is quite fantastic too.

I did start making custom My Little Ponies this year, taking old and battered, damaged ponies, and turning them into something pretty, finding my inner artist once more.


I have studied art for a few years in the past, I used to be quite good with paint, but it has been ten years since I painted anything last, so it was quite daunting for me to pick it up again. It has been amazing though, to be creative this way for a change. Much less serious than with my writing and our Dark Mare company, or even our music.

Life, the cat is still happy and still sleeping in our bed most of the time.


Shy, the other cat, moved in with us this year. She has brought so much life into the house, it is sometimes too much. She never sleeps, she is everywhere, and she is always playing with something she has stolen from somewhere. She is a wonderful cat though.


Jussi, Grey and Chad, (I know I don’t speak of them often, because they mostly live downstairs with my mom,) are still here and happy as well. Yes, we have a lot of cats. For a while I was sure Grey would have left us, he has been very sick and cost a fortune in vet bills, but so far, he looks like he is recovering from whatever was killing him. Fingers crossed.


So, all in all, it has been a good year. I didn’t lose any horses this year. That’s always a win. And with that I will send out a loving thought to my two red boys, Poseidon and Apollon who both left us in 2012.



And to Amalia and Legacy who both left us in 2011.



Happy new year guys. Still miss you terribly. But life goes on, I guess.


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