New Years Eve

So we survived the new years eve. To be honest, I really wouldn’t mind if that evening was cancelled worldwide, or just the fireworks outlawed, but well… I never had that problem with the old gang, because I always had Amalia to keep track of things and I could always trust her to keep my youngsters safe. Even Poseidon was very sensible on New Year’s Night, for a horse that would spook over his own shadow, he never feared the fireworks in the sky.

Now though, I am left with my eldest being Saleem, and he doesn’t handle it well at all. In fact, he is the worst of my horses, he is so stressed out, that he can’t help out the others at all.


Tardis is fairly reasonable, I believe she can learn in time, after all this year was her second new year outside a stable. She did really good last night.


Ablaze doesn’t like the sounds too much, but he is easily distracted. At a year and a half old, it is his second new year, and he wasn’t too impressed. If the others had been cool, so would he have been.


Marble is pretty cool most of the time, except for when she decides to remember that she is a thoroughbred mare and she has a strong family connection with the dragons of old. She actually got me last night, while I stood next to her, holding her head, waiting for the fireworks to die down, she went from calm and easy to rearing up and knocking me over in an instant. Completely my fault of course, for trusting her too much, and nothing happened, (okay I got pretty muddy,) but that is the kind of horse she is. Ether or. Sweet and gentle or dangerous like hell, and she swings between the two in the blink of an eye.


Apocalipse was ever the star of the evening, like he was last year. Amalia’s four year old son, he didn’t flinch once, he took it all in stride and I have to say that, give him a year or two more, and he will be able to handle the others for me, no doubt about it. He is just fantastic.


So, I realize that my new years eve is very different from anyone else’s. We don’t get drunk, we don’t party, we don’t do fireworks, we wait for the night to be over.

At nightfall, I fed the horses loads and loads of hay, and then my friend LHK and her mother (who lives nearby,) served a nice dinner.


I decorated the table, by the way…


That’s right, must ring in the new year with My Little Pony decorations on the table…


Then we killed the time, watching How to Train your Dragon, (best horsemanship movie ever,) and taking adorable pictures of the rescue cats she takes care of for the local animal shelter, Ron and Harry.


Yes, they sure know how to look cute.

10898122_898537783523937_2863404738541008072_n (1)

And so, an hour before midnight, we went to LHK’s stable and fed her horses hay, and turned on the light and the radio.


I bet her horses thought that was kind for strange… what were we doing there, in the middle of the night?


So we went to my stable and fed my horses more hay, and fitted them all with halters, just in case someone needed to be prevented from spooking and running through the fence.


I won’t lie, it was very dark, and most of the time, the trusted Cannon Eos Camera had troubles seeing through the heavy layer of clouds. We did kill some time trying to force it though, until the skies lit up like they were on fire and we got busy calming the horses down.




Then, once it was over, we went back to LHK’s mother and cheered and ate cake and took a few more pictures of Ron, who loves fireworks and really wanted to get his paw on it all…


It was a good new years eve, all things considered. Much better than last year. The horses were much easier. Only Saleem had not improved much since last year. I’ll have to figure out how to train him. One would think that jumping through fire might be pretty cool, but Saleem is not bothered by what he can see. What really gets to him, is all the fireworks he can’t see, but hear.


He is not dangerous though, he is not the kind of horse that makes the others run through the fence, or does it himself. He keeps it all inside, his entire body radiating stress without him ever moving a muscle. Poor boy. So yeah, if only for his reaction alone, I wouldn’t mind if new years eve was cancelled for good, but then again, my horses and I would do much better on a deserted island, most of the time anyway.

Thanks for getting me though this evening, Aston, LHK and Annemarie. I am just like Saleem, I hate it, even if I try to put on a brave face. I always fear the worst.

I hope everybody came into the new year safe and sound and that you all had a good night.


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