This Day…. It Rains

We got a nice little storm in Denmark these days. I won’t lie, it is kind of getting to me. Endless rain, once more, and add to that, crazy wind, enough to kick scooter and me off the road, and enough to make sure my straw man doesn’t dare deliver straw until the wind dies down, which is kind of sucky, when the weather is like this, because my horses refuse to go outside most of the time, so we do need a lot of straw… luckily I have an awesome friend who always comes to the rescue, so we will survive once more…

We haven’t had any snow in Denmark at all this year, and right now the storm is throwing hail at my windows, making me wonder if my horses are being good and letting everypony inside, or if Tardis or Marble is left stranded in the cruel weather. They do have two houses and most of the time, they work it out, but I always wonder when the weather is like this…

So, what to do on a day like this? Oh well, one could always go My Little Pony shopping and accidentally buy the super awesome Queen Chrysalis;


I won’t lie, this pony might singlehandedly save me from becoming depressed today, just because I always hoped they would make a version of her…




Why? Because she is super cool, if you have watched the series. This is the ultimate Disney villain, meeting the Phantom of the Opera and kind of outshining them both… My Little Pony rocks…

Didn’t recognize her?  *Spoiler alert* That’s because the evil version of Princess Cadance is in fact Queen Chrysalis as a changeling, preparing to unleash her evil minions, once she is married to Shining Armour… Fantastic story, one should watch it, if one hasn’t already… it’s on Netflix…

I know I am still waiting for Nexflix to get more episodes…. But since they haven’t, maybe I should pick up my book again and write on, hoping that one day I’ll be able to invent a bad guy as awesome as Queen Chrysalis… I know, aiming high… Especially when I can’t seem to shake the depressive winter mood at the moment…. That does kill my creativity quite a lot.


If only it would just stop raining…


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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