Straw, Global Warming And Shoes

My straw man decided that the storm has died down enough just now, for him to start the car and deliver straw for me at long last. That is greatly appreciated by the kiddos.

unnamed (67)

Aside from that, I am increasingly trapped at this stable, for a thousand different reasons, and most of them because of the endless rain.

Everything is muddy. Even the gravel I got this fall to take the pressure off in front of my houses, are giving up now. I am looking at my pasture and seeing my grass turned into  a mud pit, day by day, and there is nothing I can do about it. I realize that most people would just close off a section of the pasture and let the horses destroy that, to save the rest of the pasture, but I won’t do that. First off, because it is actually illegal, horses that live in a house they can walk in and out of as they please, must have a pasture that is not muddy. Which is impossible at the moment, but I won’t be making it any better by decreasing their space. Second, because I am DONE with muddy paddocks. So, I watch my grass die, day by day, and I wonder what I am going to do, come summer.

I could of course, find a nice pasture and rent if for a few months, getting my horses off my pasture and giving my grass a chance to recover. That seems like the easiest solution and I do have a few ideas, to be honest, about where I might find such a pasture. Only, every time I try to pick up the phone and call who ever owns as pasture, to ask if we can rent if this spring, I stop myself.

I don’t know if Tardis can handle grass. I mean, loads of grass. Maybe it is a good thing, that we don’t have any grass. My friend’s pony, Indie, just got laminitis. Tardis is growing increasingly fat these days, eating hay, not riding (because of the rain,) and with Ablaze quitting on drinking milk on his own, (big boy,) she is suddenly expanding quite a lot. Would I dare move her to a pasture with a lot of green spring grass?

Most of the time, the honest answer is no. I can’t have a horse with laminitis. I would have no place to put her, while she recovered and afterwards, she would have to be kept away from the others to keep from eating too much hay again and no… My head implodes at the thought.

So, what to do? Right now, I am just letting time go by, hoping that it will stop raining and that my grass can recover enough, come spring, for my horses not to hate me over the summer. I’ll feed them hay all the time, they won’t go hungry, but it IS a lot more fun to be a horse if there is grass on the pasture… Not to mention, a lot more legal…

And then there is the small house, where I usually muck out to get to a solid ground, for the Ferrier to stand on, while he shoes Saleem. Right now, I haven’t been able to clean out the house for about a month, because of the mud outside. I simply can’t drag the wheelbarrow through it. Which means that I use a lot of straw, to cover the dirty, which is okay as long as my straw man isn’t caught in a storm and dares not drive, but it means too that I can’t call the Ferrier and get new shoes on Saleem because I have no place for them to stand.

I repeat, trapped. I have been wondering about lending my friend’s stable, for the Ferrier, and just riding Saleem up there, but I am not sure he would like to stand at a strange stable, and get shoes on, all alone. Then I could of course, drive him to the Ferrier’s workshop, but that is kind of the same problem, I don’t think Saleem would agree with having to stand still for almost an hour, at a strange new place, while getting his feet fixed.

So I am back to looking at the mud, and the rain and feeling rather hopeless about the whole situation. Knowing me, I’ll come up with something, like I’ll find something to place on the mud, so I can push the wheelbarrow across it, or, I don’t know.

I’ll come up with a way to fix this, I always do. I just hate that everything has to be so bothersome at the moment, and so wet.

I am considering removing Saleem’s hind shoes though. Mostly because I don’t think they are working like I was hoping for. With the position of his hooks, he needs his hooves trimmed much more than every 8 weeks, when he can get new shoes on, because especially his left hind hoof tends to grow flat within three weeks, placing a lot of strain on the hook. Hence the mild arthritis at 7 years old, which is kind of unacceptable for me. Luckily Cortaflex has, once again, been a Godsend, but I have been looking at him a lot, wondering if I am truly helping him the best way possible, by keeping shoes on him, and I am starting to think that the answer is no.

So my new plan is, (and my Ferrier is going to kill me for this, not sure I’ll tell him,) to remove his hind shoes, and then, I’ll trim the hooves whenever he needs it,  trying to keep his hook at the right position at all times. After all, I have been watching my Ferrier do it for 18 years now, every 8th week. I have a pretty good idea of what he is doing… It should be possible for me to trim him once or twice between when the Ferrier shows up.

Which does of course not completely solve my Ferrier problem at the moment, because I dare not remove Saleem’s front shoes. Wouldn’t life just be easy if I could trim all my horses myself, and none of them needed shoes… I know, I always wanted to do everything myself, I am a little surprised that it has taken me so many years to start thinking like this, when it comes to trimming hooves…

Anyway, Saleem’s front hooves are just so badly positioned, there is no way I would dare not to have his special shoes on him. (Costs a fortune, by the way, I am not doing it for the fun of it.) Saleem was very lame when he was young, because his hooves and legs were growing completely wrong, and he even managed to get internal bleedings inside his hooves, quite badly, because he was running around much more than his flat hooves could handle. Shoes fixed that, and well… Removing those seems like mistreatment, no matter how much easier it would be. I will admit though, that I am looking at books about hoof trimming these days, wondering if it could be possible. I have a lot of issues with Saleem’s front shoes as well, but at the moment, they seem like the lesser of two evils.

I don’t know. It doesn’t hurt to try and open your mind about it, does it?

(Please note that my Ferrier is VERY skilled, the best there is in my part of the country, and this is NOT an attack on him in anyway. He has been fantastic with all my horses, always.)

So yes, I am feeling trapped, and looking for changes. Imagine what it would be like to be rich, and be able to just pack up and move away… Somewhere nice and dry…

unnamed (69)

So far though, global warming looks like it has reached Denmark. We have had about a week’s worth of frost so far, not the shadow of snow, just rain, rain, rain, and mostly quite warm temperatures. I haven’t had a single blanket on any of my horses this year, which is awesome. I am still hoping for winter to set in with some frost and snow, if spring won’t come yet. I have no baby pictures of Ablaze in the snow, because since he was born, there has been no snow. Just wet, rainy winters, this one worse than the first.

When one lives in a country that is mostly an island, one has to wonder about global warming, because at some point, Denmark is going to just drown. I had not expected it to be from rain though, but what do I know? Nothing much at the moment, it would seem.


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