The Book

My girlfriend Noel and I have been writing on this book together for I don’t know how long, by now. It started as a silly idea, spawned one late night on face book, with a very special kiss. Long story. Almost as long as the book is turning out to be. So, we started writing it together and having a lot of fun writing a page each, sending it back and forth, surprising each other every time.

Lately, the book has been in my possession, for far too long, as I have had so much to do with the horses and the release of the fourth book in the Starstone Series. It doesn’t mean that I forget about it though, only that I clearly forget a few things. I picked it up the other night, running over the latest entries of Noels, giggling to myself- you won’t believe the things she comes up with, I bow to the master- and so I sat down and wrote on it once more.

By now, we have so many characters, so many ways the story is going, and our once thought up brilliant plan for how the book was supposed to end, deleted. I know we both sort of remember, but we did come up with quite a brilliant ending for it, while messaging each other on face book, one late night, (nights are awesome, the most creative time of the day,) and then Noel’s computer got hacked. Loooooong story later, and we ended up hastily deleting everything we had written to each other on face book, not quite thinking it through. There goes our brilliant ending…

Now, I know we will come up with some ingenious way of ending this book one day, I have every faith in how utterly insane we both are, but since we lost that first idea for the ending of the book, I have wondered about it ever since, and I know I will always wonder, no matter what we come up with. Is it just as good as our first idea? The one we don’t quite remember?

The curse of being a writer, I guess. Always back up everything a thousand times, and don’t come up with brilliant ideas on a message board on face book…

Still, I adore our little book. Writing on it again, made me smile, not just because I love being as crazy as this book lets me, but because I know that Noel has had a hard time lately and I am hoping that my little page of crazy will make her smile too. It is always nice, sending your new pages to the other, sharing something so intimate as unedited writing and a story that is still a work in progress.

So, now I am waiting for her to get the time and return it, all the while kicking myself because I messed up this time. Noel messaged me laughing on face book, once she had read it and said, “oh well, nice, except the king is not an orc, he is an elf…”

Minor detail, I know. Elf, orc, who cares…

That had me realize that this book has gone too big for my imagination for the first time. And that is coming from me, who lives more in the worlds of my own creation than in the real world. This, I forgot though, and I have no idea why.

I am a crazy sucker for detail, I hate it if stories does not match, if storylines is going nowhere, if characters are assassinated, (and here I don’t mean killed, but if someone suddenly do something way out of character,) I despise it if the writer doesn’t stay true to her own universe… and here I am, forgetting the race of one of our characters. For shame.

Now I must sit down and read the entire book through from start to end, and make sure that never happens again. I will. Right after I have played just one more game of Battlestar with my boyfriend… Boy, that is addictive that game, especially when you add three expansions at once, just to make it a little harder for the humans to win. Truth be told, with the basic game, we kind of quickly figured out how to beat the cylons. Not that it was easy, but it was doable. With the expansions, not so much. Must try it one more time… just one more…

No, I am not writing too much these days. I take this as a way of learning of the world of Sci-fi, which will come in handy in my new book series… That’s right, I am a master at coming up with reasons for using 5 hours every day on playing a board game…

And on that note, I am off to save humanity. Or, more likely, run out of fuel and get lost in space…


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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