Kaboom – Movie

Me, being home alone, with Netflix is a dangerous combination, especially when the cat insists on sitting on me half of the day, making it impossible for me to write at all. So, Netflix… The best way ever, to watch things you never would have thought to watch.

Like a movie called Kaboom, with the brief description, “A college student spends his days hanging with his friends and his nights lusting after his straight roommate, until a wild party shatters his world.”

Sounds pretty much like a gay chick flick, right? I mean, something stupid, innocent, cute, in other words, a brilliant way to waste time and not get any work done.

I won’t lie, this movie caught me completely by surprise. It was nothing like I had expected. Even the cover is deceiving.


I mean, sure, the male lead is hot and bisexual and you know, it could have been a simple movie, but it only is for about two seconds. It very quickly jumps right into strange dreams, life like visions, you even witness a murder in a rather fast and cruel way, and you hardly see it coming.

The main character, Smith, is seeing two girls and a dumpster in his dreams,  (I guess we can all imagine why that is bad,) and when he meets those girls at a party, he is thrown head first into a world of magic, witches, psychic connections, and a cult that is out to end the world. Nothing less could do, of course.

The thing is, the story is not really that important. It just works. The men in animal masks, chasing him, the murder you see happen and the way you have to question if it really did happen afterwards, all of it builds up a brilliant creep effect, that makes you want to see what happens next.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate creepy movies, they always make me afraid of going down the stairs in the dark, or something like that, afterwards, and I totally shouldn’t watch those kind of movies when I am home alone. This one, is not that kind of creepy. It is interesting, because you can’t figure out where it is going, but it has an ironic way of dealing with all of it, that never scares you too much.

Also, it is shot very nicely, I especially love the way they handle cell phone calls, how when they hang up on someone, it just goes black in their “space.” It is a very nice effect, for displaying how cut off you are, when the phone disconnects.

I was snickering quite a lot, about how they introduce magic and witches and none of the characters flinch, they just believe in it. I mean, if I was told that someone was a witch, I’d probably say “okay, sure,” and not believe it at all, (I know, I am a sucky fantasy writer, not believing in magic,) but the characters in this movie, they just accept it, more or less, without question.

At the same time, it has some scenes that are so serious and so wrong in every possible way, that you must know how much of it is actually happening or if the main character and his friends are completely insane…

I watched it thinking, if it isn’t really happening, then it is a lousy movie. But if it does happen, if we did just see a girl getting stabbed in the face, by men in animal masks, and it actually happened, then what kind of movie is this? Chick flick? Not so much…

So no, I did not see this movie coming at all. And I know it sounds brutal, and some scenes are, but mostly it is a funny movie. I won’t lie, I was laughing in the end, even as the world… no, spoilers. It is just brilliant, go watch it, now. It won’t be anything you expected it to be. Which is kind of cool, once in a while.


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