Ablaze And The Snowman

Hello Everypony! I am Ablaze and I am guest blogging on this blog today! Why? Because I got tired of my human, telling everypony that I don’t like to play in the snow. That is totally untrue, I don’t mind snow, as long as it is not coming down. On a clear day, like today, I am totally cool with snow!

Well, of course, I am always super, ultra, ninja cool, it goes without saying, so don’t think that I am any less cool, just because there is a layer of white, wet stuff on the ground. In fact, I am so cool, I can even build my own snowman!

unnamed (79)

Oh yeah, very well done for a first try, if I may say so myself! Take that, puny human, I totally know how to play in the snow, even if I don’t like to roll around in it and get all messy and wet…

unnamed (78)

Here is my big sister, Marble. She is a bit of a tool sometimes, and clearly she was rather jealous of my awesome snowman, because after she ate his hair, she decided to  chop his head off, ninja assassin style.

unnamed (73)

unnamed (77)

unnamed (75)

She is always so violent… Not super cool, like me, at all…

unnamed (76)

Here we are, Marble, and our brother Apocalipse and me, eating hay in the middle of the pasture. That is another thing that is super awesome about weather like this. Our little human gets so afraid that we won’t eat or drink unless she serves it right underneath our noses, so she does. We don’t have to go anywhere, she will bring everything we need to us.

unnamed (81)

Apocalipse and I had so much fun today, tripping the water bucket, and then, once it was empty, licking the bottom, asking for more. And I swear, she never gets tired of bringing us new water, no matter how much we trip it… One has to give her credit for that, the little human…

unnamed (82)

So, I believe that now, I have totally proven that I DO play in the snow, thank you very much, and that I am, as always, the super most awesome pony on the pasture. As if there ever was any doubt…

Oh, and by the way, if you think my eyes are running, it’s because I have an eye infection and my little human keeps putting stuff into my eyes to clear it up. I think she is rather annoying about it, but it means SO much to her, so I usually let her… It doesn’t take much to make humans happy, does it?


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