The weather prognoses are promising that it will stop freezing now and that everything will melt. As optimistic as that may sound, I am guessing that last night has been the coldest night we have had all year.

Upon arriving at my stable this morning, I found that all my water was frozen solid for the first time this year, despite the fact that we kind of leave it running (a teeny tiny bit,) when it is freezing, to make sure the horses have water. Add to that, today, the water was even frozen in the big stable. That hardly ever happens.

And then I came across my bottle of Sunflower Oil. You know, that strange bottle of oil that you just have standing in a corner, and you are not entirely sure why, but it is just there… I will say, I have never found oil frozen before. That is quite a trick, it must have been very, very cold last night.


It isn’t frozen solid, but usually it is a clear yellow color. This is a very new thing… and yes, I am amazed by it, hence this silly post about a frozen oil bottle.

Adding as a side note, the Flusa I got from my vets to keep flies away in the summer, is not frozen… That is some aggressive stuff, small wonder most of my horses are allergic to it. It doesn’t even freeze when oil does. (I only have the bottle still, because it was very expensive and I can’t bring myself to throw it away…)

In other news, I am pretty sick at the moment, so if I am a little silent or if my posts are rather uninspired and about frozen oil, then please forgive me. It will get better. Once I get better.


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