Reduced Prize

So, I’ve been sick for about a week now, suffering from this annoying cold, that has made me more or less unable to do anything aside from taking care of my horses. I hate it when my head feels slow, like it has done through this sickness. I haven’t been able to focus on anything, no writing on my books, no script writing, not even playing Battlestar Galactica with my boyfriend or, updating my blogs… the horror. My head has felt like it was full of cotton, disconnecting me from any kind of constructive thoughts.

Which is why it may come as a surprise that when I have not been watching Boston Legal or Scrubs, (fab series,) or Ebay hunting for My Little Ponies, (once I don’t write I have surprisingly much time to go Ebay hunting….) I actually toyed with Amazon and figured out how to permanently lower the prize on my e-book, the Hand of Fate, the first book in my fantasy series.

That only took me three years…

Cover - The Hand of Fate - Inverted

Anyway, I thought I’d let you guys know, because I am actually pretty proud of having figured this out at long last, especially now, when my head does not feel like a part of me. Okay, so I am getting better, which is why I am writing about it…

I dare not pick up my books just yet though. Give it another day or two, before I will be well enough to safely tamper with my Sci-fi series… Writing was always a serious process for me, and I need my focus, and my ability to remember every little detail as I write. I am going crazy though. This last week, my head has been silent… No little voices whispering stories in my ear, through the cotton in my head… Now, they are slowly returning, as I recover, and I truly missed them.

Yeah, that’s right. Going crazy. I don’t do too well when I am not writing. It always was, what kept me sane. Sort of. I’ll stop now. And go check out Etsy for any My Little Ponies, I may have missed on Ebay… And tomorrow, I will be totally well and back to writing. I really hope so. I cannot afford to be sick… All this Ebay hunting is pretty expensive.

And kind of nerve wrecking. I bought two ponies from Scotland at the beginning of the month and they haven’t arrived yet. I didn’t think much of it, because well, the Danish post office has a tendency to be snail like slow, but then I bought a pony from Canada, and it sailed through customs and everything, and arrived at my door step in three days flat. That does make me bite my nails a bit, (not literally, but I would, if I did that kind of thing,) wondering why my ponies from Scotland are taking so long…

And now, reading this post, you all know why I am not writing on my books today. I am still too unfocused. Apologies. My hands just missed the keyboard, I had to give them something to do, that wasn’t “update watchlist…”


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