X-Wing, Miniatures Game

I’ve tried a new game lately. Yeah, I know, I seem to be doing a lot of playing these days, instead of writing… Anyway, I would like to start out by saying that I am not a Star Wars fan. Not at all. In fact, I haven’t watched the movies. Every time I try, some golden robot comes by and ruins the seriousness of the universe for me… I am sure that is just me, but all the same… That is how I feel.

My boyfriend keep telling me to give Star Wars a fair chance. Who knows, maybe someday, I will. For now, after seeing my boyfriend and his friend play X-Wing, I realized that this is a miniatures game, I can actually play.


First off, they come pre-painted. Meaning that unlike other miniatures games, I don’t have to glue the pieces together and paint them myself, which is where I always died when sneaking a peek at the boyfriends Horses and War Machines for instance…

Second, it is not that difficult to learn to actually play the game. I have no doubt that to become good at it will take some time, but to understand the basic of how the game works, and be ready to play, is a rather fast process.


I like strategy games. I like games where you have your turn and you can take your time. I hate most computer games, for instance, because they are too fast and I keep freaking out and dying, because I have to think fast. Not my kind of games at all. (Which is why I have spent years of my life playing Heroes of Might and Magic III. Fantastic computer game…. Most others though, not for me.)

X-Wing is not that stress full, mostly because no matter how good you are at planning your strategies, or anticipating your opponents moves, a good deal of the game comes down to luck. The dice plays a huge part in this game, and there is nothing clever you can do about it.

In some ways, I believe that I am going to hate that over time. I want to be able to be clever, and figure out how to plan my moves and win the game by outsmarting my opponent, not by simply being lucky when I toss the dice…

For now though, getting started with playing the game, it is sort of okay that part of it comes down to luck. Truth be told, you can be somewhat clever, when you build your list of spaceships. Some sure are easier to navigate than others, and some attracts you more as a person…

Me, I love the big fat bully, the Decimator is. Perhaps it is because the Decimator “overrules” the dice and actually damage enemy ships if he flies into them. That way, if you just make sure to collide with the enemy, you will be sure to damage them each turn, instead of leaving it up to actually shooting at them, and running the risk of the dice failing you. I know, I am a brute…


Another thing that has me drawn to this game is how hard it is to not fly off the game board, or crash into your own ships. At least for me, it is. I am not that visual, I have a hard time envisioning where the ships will end up when I make my moves, and I tend to focus too much on where the opponent may be going, and forget that I am heading directly for the edge of, well, space….

It is kind of funny too, that you can run out of empty space… All in all, I am not blown away by this game just yet, but I find it fascinating and it doesn’t take as long time to play it, as say, Battlestar Galactica… And maybe it will grow on me. I am sure there must be more to it, than what I have seen so far.

Either way, the competitive part of my persona must keep playing it for a while now, just to figure out how to move those space ships around. I hate it when I mess up. I can do better. I really can.

I write books. I have created entire worlds, kingdoms, solar systems… I can anticipate how far a space ship will fly on a soft left turn… I mean, seriously. I will not accept nothing less from me.

That, and I won’t lie. The idea of playing tournaments with other geeks, is slightly alluring… I am sure the boyfriend will regret it someday, letting me into his world, but he should have known better…



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2 Responses to X-Wing, Miniatures Game

  1. jen says:

    All I can say is that you guys have the BEST games! Battlestar Galactica came down in price on Amazon, but I still can’t quite justify it, with all all the volleyball expenses right now. Someday! And now I have a Star Wars game to add to my wishlist….

    • Starstone says:

      I guess I am pretty lucky to have a boyfriend who is a bit of a geek 😛 okay, that may be understating it, but anyway … It is really unfurtunate that Battlestar is so expencive on Amazon, as far as I can tell it is because it is out of stock in most of the world, except Denmark, so yeah, we are pretty lucky that way 😉 hehe

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