My Little Pony Board Game

I came across this wonderful My Little Pony board game yesterday… And of course, the boyfriend had to be subjected to playing it.


Actually, it is kind of brilliant. Excruciatingly simple. There is no room for being clever or in any other way affect the outcome of the game. It is pure luck who wins.

Basically, you just fly your little ponies in their air balloons, from the start and to the rainbow at the Dream Castle. You move by spinning the wheel and hoping you will land on a nice pink, purple or blue cloud. I mean, how awesome is that?


The boyfriend and I had a lot of fun with it yesterday. Especially after having played X-Wing all night, picking up My Little Pony, not having to focus at all, just laughing your way through, is kind of uplifting.


I know I will be bringing this game the next time the girls and I meet…. Pure awesomeness…

And of course, we got tired of playing with the cardboard figures, so our blind bag ponies joined in and made the game fun all over again…


You will notice how Doctor Whooves and Roseluck are always in the game. That’s the boyfriends ponies… I am more of an Applejack, Rainbow Dash kind of girl, but I adore all the ponies, so I did fly Cloud Chaser and Medley and Breezie as well… Just to see them on the board, you know…



I tried too, to take a motion blurred picture of the spinning wheel, but the camera flat out refused. No matter how low I set the shutter speed, it remained un-motion blurred. Sometimes that camera is a little too ninja… Anyway, I am sure you get the idea.


So, if you can get your hands on this game and you like plain, unintelligent fun, make sure to buy it. It is pretty fantastic.


As always, My Little Pony rocks.  The cat thought so too…



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2 Responses to My Little Pony Board Game

  1. jen says:

    Your My Little Ponies always brighten my day and make me smile!

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