R.I.P. Blue Ball

Ablaze has had a very best friend since he was very little. The Blue Ball. He was never allowed to play with it on his own, I always wanted to keep an eye on him when he was with it, because things easily got very wild when the two of them started across the pasture.





So, Ablaze doesn’t think he has had enough time with his blue ball as it is. He was very happy once I brought it out today, for him to play with.



It may have lost some air over the years, and he has got very good at picking it up. He used to dribble it, and he still does that, but picking it up and running with it, is pretty awesome too!





Unless it attacks you! Then you must rear up against it.



And then, the blue ball just… died…


Huge hole in the side… Ablaze wasn’t sure why his old friend stopped playing with him?


Poor boy… It isn’t easy, growing up and getting so strong that your childhood toys can’t keep up…


I’ll have to find him a new one. And keep it so full of air, he can’t pick it up…


So, R.I.P. Blue Ball. You will be greatly missed. Ablaze bounced back though. He has got this old and battered ball… throwing things around, never gets boring, if you ask him…



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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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