Friday The 13th

It’s a little funny, actually, when you think about it. The boyfriend keeps telling me that Friday the 13th isn’t an unlucky date, unless you are a Christian. Really, he isn’t superstitious at all.

Which maybe he should be, living with me.

I woke up this morning, to discover that my phone company had once again, messed up my bill. I changed to them in November and for some unimaginable reason, they haven’t been able to make the payments and the bill match up yet. This time, they decided to send me a bill for four months at once. Here you go, pay up. Bet you didn’t see that coming?

Truth be told, I can’t just pay a bill like that, when it is coming out of nowhere, and I never asked for them to make me pay ahead, so I called them and asked them to change it. Half an hour later, and a lot of waiting and listening to stupid waiting music, the woman at the company arrived at the conclusion that she could not change my bill. Oh no, it could not be done. I would just have to pay it and then they would change it in the future.

Thing is, if I pay it, I am pretty sure I won’t have a future as I will surely starve to death… those people answering the phones at those kinds of companies, have no sense of humour… or of reality. If I COULD pay it, do you think I would be here, calling you, wasting hours of my life?

Loooooong story short, I hung up, and called in again, and got another person answering and he fixed it within minutes… Great way to start the day. That ought to set the mood…

Last week, I ordered a set of hoof knives, online. Needless to say, they should have been delivered this week. Monday, actually, since the Danish post office prides themselves of day to day service on parcels. Since Saleem have a hoof abscess at the moment, I could really use those knives, and looking up the track and trace number on the post office’s page, I could see that the parcel had not moved since Monday. It was just lying in wait, not being distributed. So, I had to call them as well.

Now, if one think that the Danish post office is good at losing mail, and slow at delivering mail, one should try and call them. They set new standards for “slow” when it comes to answering their phone.

Forty five minutes, on the line, listening to brain-dead rap music and their “skip the waiting, just look up your parcel online,” jingles, had me nearly jumping out the window when they finally answered the phone.

It turned out, they had no idea where the parcel was and why it had not been delivered, despite the track and trace. So, all I got from that hour of my life was that they promised to look into it. Well great. Thanks.

Finally, going to the stable, Saleem seems to be on the mend. I am pretty sure I did find the abscess, even without the new tools and got it opened a few days ago, but with Saleem’s hooves you never really know.

I discovered the reason why Tardis is losing her tail today. Or, not the reason, but… Okay, Tardis has been slowly losing her tail over the last two months. At first I thought that she might have been sleeping and that somepony might have stepped on it, pulling it off her, because it looked pulled off, not cut for instance, or scratched. Then I started to suspect Ablaze of eating her tail, simply because I was pretty sure he had a parasite problem, because of his lasting eye infection. So I got him treated for parasites and kind of expected Tardis to stop losing her tail then.


She didn’t. Today, I found great chunks of skin, coming off her tail, taking the hair with it. She doesn’t bleed, there is no wound, the skin is dry and nice looking, and she isn’t particularly itchy. I won’t lie, I am pretty stumped. So, of course, I sent a picture to my vets…






They have a few ideas, but we are going to have to run some tests on her. Wup wup, vet bills, please come my way… got to love this day…

And so, while I was busy bathing Tardis’ tail, sterilizing it, (Ablaze helping me, by trying to drink from the bucket, biting my hand when I pushed him away, or simply sticking his face in between Tardis’ tail and me, so I was washing her blindly, being unable to see anything but him,) the guy who owns the stable showed up and asked me to open the fence to my pasture.

I won’t lie, I was pretty cranky at the moment, but I followed him, only snarling a little. Turns out, his tractor had broken a wheel clean off and was stuck on the field next to my pasture, nearly falling over without the wheel.

Snarling a little less, I helped him roll the wheel through my pasture and back into the courtyard…

So far, so good.

Remember how my scooter broke down for the 666th time, last week? That is a bit of a long story, but to make it short, the factory is recalling it, and I am getting a new one, at a very low prize. I had to go to the shop today, to get the paperwork in order, to set things in motion.

Wondering what could go wrong here, I arrived at the shop to find that their printer had broken down, so well, we could not get the paperwork in order. Not really. Luckily, the guys there are very imaginative, so we worked around that. Who needs my signature on anything anyway?

Feeling rather sorry for myself, I will admit, I stopped by the local toy shop and bought a rainbowfied (20% cooler) Rainbow Dash, blind bag pony. I guess that was the best part of this day. And now, I am staying in bed for the remainder of the day, letting the boyfriend tug in the horses for the night.


He is not superstitious, so as long as I don’t move, nothing else will go wrong, right?


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