The horses has been very bored lately. They have taken to gnawing at my houses, and even worse, gnawing at the house that belongs to the guy that owns the stable. According to him, we fix that problem by smearing motor oil on the wood… that ought to teach them, right?

unnamed (91)

I know, we all saw my head explode there. So, no that did not happen.

It is one thing that they are eating the paint already on the wood, but I am not adding to it… So, what to do when your horses, as a group, decides to eat the roof from over their heads?

Give them something they CAN gnaw at. Like a tree.

unnamed (92)

Apocalipse and Tardis approve. I would like to add that they are rather fat, all of them, at the moment, and they are getting more hay than they can eat, mostly using it for sleeping in and in general just throwing it away, when they get tired of eating it, so it is not because they are hungry. Not even a little bit. But clearly, they would love some wood at the moment…

unnamed (93)

Since we are at it, with showing lousy cell phone pictures, I would love to show off Apocalipse on the road. Alone. And not freaking out.. My big boy.

unnamed (88)2

I know, he is wearing a bridle and he hates it. I just can’t trust that he stays with me if a tractor comes by, if I have him in a halter, and he hates wearing a halter just as much as the bridle, because of the pressure across his nose. Yes, I am still trying to figure this horse out. But he sure is beautiful. My wonderful, wonderful young man.

unnamed (89)

And to end this silly post, a sleeping foal selfie.

unnamed (87)

Okay, Ablaze is almost two years old, so not exactly a foal anymore, but who cares. He is MY foal, just like Apocalipse. And yes, his eyes are running. You will note the eye treatment I have in my hand in the picture.

Sometimes it feels a little strange, to have horses like Ablaze and Apocalipse, who I can sneak up on when they sleep and treat their eyes, without them even bothering to get up. That is the ultimate kind of trust, isn’t it? They let me do evil stuff to them, while they are lying down…

unnamed (90)

And at the same time, none of them are all that trusting once we leave the safety of home. I guess that will be my next challenge, for both of them. Extending our trust to the world outside the fence. And figuring out how to train Apocalipse, outside the fence, without anything on his face…

There is always something new to learn when you have horses…

unnamed (94)


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