Hush Now

I have got this amazing young man in my life… I truly never had a horse like him before. He is like two sides of a coin, depending on who he is with.


I mean, he loves my boyfriend. In fact, I think he is spending most days hoping that the boyfriend will show up, because he simply loves playing with him. You see, Ablaze knows not to bully me, (too much,) but the boyfriend is another matter. With him, Ablaze is constantly testing the waters, pushing the limits and in general just being a rather untrained, wild, two year old.

He becomes especially impossible when he is tired. And since we tend to groom the horses while they eat their morning hay, every day, and the horses always eat for an hour, maybe two, and then go to sleep, we have limited time available to groom Ablaze before he becomes a bother.

Ablaze doesn’t want to go to sleep when we are doing stuff around the pasture or the houses, because tired as he may be, I get the strongest feeling that he is terrified of missing something that may be fun to take part in, and as such he stays awake and if the boyfriend is around, he picks a fight with him any chance he gets.

I did figure out though, that I can get him to go to sleep, in about five minutes, by simply sitting down and not doing anything interesting. Then, of course, he licks my face and tries to make me get up and play, but when I don’t…


He lies down next to me. It took a while, before I stopped fearing that he would lie down on top of me, but he is getting better at not crowding me.


This feels kind of surreal. Naptime in foal kinder garden. I mean, I have had twelve horses in my life, (Ablaze included,) but never before have I had a horse I could tug in and tell him to go to sleep…

Add to that, once Ablaze lies down, Saleem shows up and takes over, watching him. He simply leaves his hay to come sleep next to the foal, leaving me free to sneak off…

I don’t know who to be more proud of. I never would have thought that Saleem would grow up to be that caring and attentive. He was always such an air head. For him to start taking responsibility like that, is almost as huge for me, as it is, having a two year old, who easily lies down to sleep next to me.

Not to mention, how he doesn’t mind getting sneak – hugged when he is lying down… My perfect little boy.


I can’t help it…

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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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