Supernatural, Season 1- 3, Series

Okay, so I started watching Supernatural, at long last. I know, I am not too good at keeping up with the coolest series…

But, as I was trying to fight my way through series like Sleepy Hollow, Vampire Diaries, and Grimm, I had a perfectly good reason for not giving Supernatural a chance.

I was pretty pissed at one of the main characters for ditching Days of our Lives. Yeah, that’s right. I watched Days of our Lives for years, and I loved Eric Brady and it took me a long time to forgive that all of a sudden, he was just gone. The horror…

Add to that, the whole buff – guy look Sam and Dean has got going on the cover picture, doesn’t really work for me, and I will admit, I thought it was just another stupid teenage series…


Well, shame on me.

The first season was kind of living up to most of my expectations of being rather pointless and not really knowing where it was going. Sam was too blank, Dean was  not a character you cared for, and the stories were hit and miss. Some of the episodes were great, and some was just, well, not so great. The main storyline felt a lot like a train wreck waiting to happen, one that could derail everything the series could be, before it even got started, if the script writer wasn’t careful.

Still, I stuck with it… Dean wasn’t as buff in the first season, as he became later on, and well, it was much better than any other series I was able to find, that I had not watched yet.


So, for those who doesn’t know the series, (welcome to planet Earth,) it is pretty simple. Sam and Dean are brothers, Dean is the oldest. Their mother was killed by a demon when they were kids, and their father has been hunting it ever since, giving them a rather neglected and twisted childhood. Oh, and yes, ghosts and spirits of all kinds, are real, by the way. Dean is hunting them too, dragging along an unwilling Sam at first, and when the series begin, their dad is missing.

Simple set up for a nice little spook series, right? Yep. And that is what Supernatural is. Mostly cute little ghost stories, told with charm and a smile.

And then, there is the evil side to this series, the one that caught me completely by surprise and continues to draw me in, because it is not a cute series. Not at all.

I mean, I love how Dean never really had a childhood, how he seems to have never gone to school or had any kind of parent taking care of him. I love how he grew up, looking after Sam, and how Sam hardly ever understood how much Dean was suffering for him to be happy when they were kids, and somehow, they manage to keep that part of their relationship intact, as they have grown up.

I love how Dean is always ready and willing to do what it takes to get the job done, and to save his brother. He isn’t a classic Hollywood hero. Dean isn’t hunted by killing people. He prefers not to, but if it can’t be helped, he has got his priorities straight.

Sam, on the other hand, is a rather classic unwilling hero at first, and as much as I found him annoying, and blank, and shallow, he is growing on me now. Mostly because the story writer dares to let him evolve. To let him change, gradually.

What I am trying to say here, in far too many words, is that I have watched the first three seasons by now, and even my cold heart is kind of touched by those two. They have some very intense scenes and the script writer sure knows how to play on the worst that could possibly happen; separating them. As much as I hate to admit it, I am getting totally sucked in by this series, simply because I always liked a good ghost story, but mostly because Sam and Dean are so good together.


And as a viewer, you want them to be together, forever. Which is, of course, why I am so going to watch season four, right now, because I want Dean back…

Yeah, you heard that right. I want him back.

I always hated story writers who killed off their characters and dared not let them stay dead. I mean, I am all for killing your darlings, but I don’t like bringing them back to life.

Killing off Dean, the way they do it by the end of season three, is a no-go though. I want him back. What is Sam going to do without him? So much for my integrity as a writer, ha?

Yeah, so much for me, getting any writing done in the near future… How many seasons are there? 7 on Netflix, I believe? Awesomeness…

And by the way, if anyone feels like spoiling anything about season four and so forth, please don’t. I will have my hounds hunt you down. Consider it a fair warning. But, that’s it for me. Best be off. I can make about two episodes before I have to go back to the stable and feed the horses, if I don’t linger by the computer.

I’ll be back though, promise. In 4-5 seasons… Until then, take care out there. You never know what series you will end up wasting your life watching obsessively. I will say though, Supernatural is a good bet. So don’t watch it, unless you want to watch it all. It will draw you in, and you won’t even know it is happening, until it is too late.


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  1. Since I only just watched the first episode of season 3, I wont read this now 😉

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