Supernatural, Season 4-7, Series


Okay, so season four to seven. Right. Let’s start with the Apocalypse theme.

supernatural-the-complete-fourth-season-dvd-cover-19 S5-DVD-offical-cover-supernatural-10291987-499-700

On the one side, I love that they dare start the Apocalypse. (Fighting real hard here, to not spell it Apocalipse, the name of my horse…) I mean, if they had just averted the Apocalypse by not breaking the last seal, that would have been a huge let down, so thumbs up for that. Also, I love the idea that if Dean broke the first seal, Sam broke the last, and here we are…

The only trouble is, I think they are kind of very hard on Sam. They tend to blame him a lot, for everything that goes wrong, and they do tend to forget that he did what he did, trying to stop the Apocalypse, where as Dean, for instance, did what he did, succumbing to torture and ending his own pain… I don’t know, from where I am sitting, no matter how much demon blood Sam was drinking, that doesn’t make it any worse than what Dean did. Just different circumstances, and if I may add, very different motives.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love Dean more than I love Sam, but the way they have let Sam develop… he is turning more and more into my kind of character. Which is a little annoying, really.

I love it too, how they picture his addiction, and how even in the face of the Apocalypse, sometimes he has to back down and simply cannot go on another hunt, for fear of breaking.

I have to say though, that the four horsemen were kind of useless, aside from Death. I am not sure why War, Pestilence and Famine was so easy to get rid of, compared to how Death seems stronger than the angels, and perhaps the only one equal to the Christian God.

Also, I have to admit, I kind of took offence to how easily Lucifer slaughtered all the pagan gods. I am not religious, but I grew up with Norse mythology, and come on, Odin dying because some bloody angel stepped on his neck? Odin? Get over yourselves. If you want to bring old mythologies into your universe, at least have the decency to treat them like the equals to your own god, otherwise they are better left out.

I am not sure why it was better for Sam to say yes to be Lufifer’s vessel, and jump into the cage with him, than it was for Dean to just accept Michael and beat the crap out of Lucifer while he was in that other vessel that could hardly contain him… As much as we all wanted Dean to keep saying no and Sam to say yes, because it felt right for Sam to sacrifice himself to make up for starting the Apocalypse, (for which Dean was blameless, of course… no wait,) I am not sure why it was the smartest way to go, but oh well.

supernatural-the-complete-sixth-season-dvd-cover-70 Supernatural-Official-Companion-Season-7-book-cover

I have to say, I love Sam when he comes back and doesn’t have a soul. He has a lot of great scenes, he really does, where he just doesn’t get why he cannot do the most logical things, because someone might get hurt.

The thing I am very sorry to see go though, in the post Apocalypse series, is the relationship between Dean and Sam. That is why I am watching this series, really. Because of their love for each other. Fair enough, Dean doesn’t love the soulless Sam and soulless Sam, doesn’t love Dean for obvious reasons, but still. Dean is not dying to fix Sam anymore. It is not killing him, like it used to, to have Sam walking around without a soul. Sure, he wants him fixed, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t feel like it is for Sam’s good, that he wants it.

Even when Sam gets his soul back, their relationship is not the same. Mostly, Dean seem to worry more for the angel Castiel, than for Sam, and the script writers easily split them up now, and let them go hunting on their own, or with different partners. None of Dean’s usual worry for Sam, and how he might get killed if he lets him out of his sight. So really, Dean lets Sam grow up?

Please don’t… That does not work for me, at all…

And then Sam breaks down, remembering being locked in the cage with Lucifer. I have to say, I had a lot of fun with those episodes, and how they handled Lucifer talking to him at all times, and how he was, (at first,) very unable to tell what was real or not. So yeah, I think I am a wicked bastard, who just wants to see people suffer, rather than people growing up and letting go of each other…

And again, Dean is not too worried, that his brother is having a psychotic breakdown. Boy, I am missing the old Dean, the one who sold his soul to keep Sam alive…

These days, it feels mostly like he is fighting for Sam, when he can’t avoid it, and only because he used to do it, so he better keep doing it…

And I know, Dean has been through a lot too. Still, the one thing that made Supernatural special for me, and not just another horror series, was their relationship.

Now, the leviathan’s are just annoying. Having watched X-Files and hated their black oil stuff, this creature manages to be even more annoying, and that is saying a lot. I hate it when you create a monster that cannot be killed. So what then? You know, as a viewer, that they will find a way to deal with it, but making it impossibly strong, holds no interest for me. It just makes the whole storyline feel pointless, because they are fighting a battle they CANNOT win, and they are going to, anyway. Just like magic… wup wup, I hate that. It feels too much like a script writers hand, solving his own problem, by breaking the rules of his own universe, at a convenient time.

There are a lot of great episodes though, amongst others, their Twi-hard episode, and the French Mistake, where Sam and Dean end up in “our” world, a place where they are actors on a set. This series still has charm, spunk and it is still cruel and worth watching, don’t get me wrong. I just really miss the Sam and Dean show. I really miss the commitment between the two of them. The sense that separating them, would be the worst thing that could possibly happen. Death, heaven, hell, torture, demons, you name it, none of that mattered, as long as they got to be together.

Now, I don’t know. Does it really matter?

And yes, I am totally watching season 8 tonight… Just because. They might become brothers again. Fingers crossed.



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