“I’m Losing To A Rug”

Ablaze and I have totally been training lately. You see, I wanted him to have his teeth checked today, along with the others. Knowing Ablaze, knowing that he is of no mind to let the vets sedate him, I have been training him for it in any way I could imagine, short of actually stabbing a needle in his neck…

I honestly thought he had grown up and was reasonable by now. I mean, I know that I used to have that horse that could not be touched by anyone but me, but that was Poseidon, right? He had issues, he had been severely mistreated, I mean, his mind was, to some extent, broken. Ablaze, on the other hand, he is my foal. No one has ever been mean to him, locked him up, tied him down or forgot to feed him. By all means, he is a bloody little prince, growing up in his own kingdom, never missing anything.

Trouble is, he does not accept being told what to do.

I mean, Apocalipse and Marble show up as soon as the vet arrive, and stand in line to have their teeth checked. They hardly need sedation and they  do not fight the process at all. In fact, I swear they are kind of having fun with the whole thing.

Saleem despises it, unfortunately, since he is the one having his teeth checked the most, but he does not put up too much of a fight. He always takes his sedation well, falls asleep, gets the mouthpiece on and as soon as the vets starts working on his teeth, he wakes up and backs off, until we give him a little more sedation. Then, he sleeps through it, only hating me a little.

Tardis is usually knocked out by the sedation, and even if she doesn’t fight it, she doesn’t like to have strangers touch her. Yes, Ablaze learned that from his mother. He is using all of her dirty tricks, and more.

Tardis has a tendency to throw herself at you, squishing you against the wall, by the weight of her body. If you don’t see her coming, that can be quite dangerous.

Luckily, I grew up with Poseidon and Apollon, and no matter how much Tardis despises strangers, she can be reasoned with, in ways, they never could, and I always see her coming a mile away. She is not nearly as ninja, as my old boys were.

Ablaze is not ninja either. In fact, he is anything but subtle and he cannot be reasoned with. Still, even if you see him coming, he is very dangerous.

Yes, we tried to sedate him today, because I am the kind of horse owner who wants my horse’s teeth checked when he turns two and he does turn two, next month. I could have sworn he had grown up since the last time the vet was there. I mean, he is usually a very kind and loving young man, I never have any problems handling him.

Clearly, I have found something we cannot do. Poke needles in him. Not only does he use his mother’s tricks, by throwing himself at you, but when that fails, he does not hesitate to rear up against you. Reminds me of someone?

Yes. I am afraid so. I have met one other two year old in my life, that my vets and I failed to sedate. Poseidon was, I don’t know, 7 I think, before we managed to check his teeth the first time. Luckily he had an exceptional perfect set of teeth, and failing to check him bothered me more than it bothered him, but still.

I am pretty sure Ablaze does not have those perfect teeth. And I am pretty sure that I am not going through another fifteen years with a horse that cannot be touched by a vet. I will have to figure out how to fix this with Ablaze.

Today though, I lost big time. Once he started throwing himself at my vet, and I realized that I could not keep her safe if we kept trying, I called the whole thing off. I will not have my foal hurt anyone, because I failed to figure out how to make him comfortable with this.

Then, of course, I had to give him his vaccinations myself, because by then, he was completely hysterical and the vet could get nowhere near him… After she had left, I spent quite a long time, getting us back to normal, asking him to allow me to touch him again. Yes, Ablaze holds a grudge and he has focus way beyond ordinary horses. Reminds me of someone? *sigh* Oh, yes.

I have to admit, I am feeling pretty much like this at the moment…



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