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Okay, season 8… Spoilers!


So, Dean escapes purgatory, and this time he knows how. That is nice, for a change. The whole, “I don’t know how I am back,” story does become a little annoying. I do have a lot of issues with this season, though.

First off, the vampire. Okay, so it is great that Dean has a monster friend, and Benny kind of is a cool enough character, only he gets too much screen time at first, to tell his sob story, at a time when I didn’t care for him at all. That just made me lose interest in him, and hope that Sam would chub his head off at some point… That could have created some great tension between the brothers, right?

Second, Benny is really not a good name. Every time Deans says “Benny,” if sounds like he is saying “Betty,”  and I have to take a second and think, what? who? Oh, yeah, right…  Betty, the vampire from purgatory.

I did come to like Benny though, and having Dean kill him in the end, felt a little more evil, than even I would have dreamed up. Still, it did accomplish one thing, the very thing I have been missing since Sam jumped into the pit with Lucifer. It made Dean chose Sam again.

Killing off your only friend, to save your brother, that is a rather serious choice, especially since Sam may or may not, have survived on his own. Technically, we don’t know that.

The Naomi storyline is annoying. Please let her stay dead.

The thing about her, and her power over the angels, that bugs me, is simple. Most of the time, when she tells Castiel to do something, he does it without  hesitation. Except for when she tells him to kill Dean. I mean, his own brother, fair enough. Dead, bang, who cares, but Dean? Please don’t make me do this, there has to be another way, I’ll just beat him up a little, heal him, and run off…

I know, I may be a little unfair here, but come on. If Castiel was so much under Naomi’s control, he should have killed Dean, if given the order, like he did with everybody else. Delaying (beating him up) until something happened that could prevent killing Dean, (touching the tablet) feels like annoying script writing to me. Also, it raises the question as to how much control Naomi really does have over him. Because if he can choose to delay and not act instantly on a direct order, why hasn’t he before? Does he really love Dean that much?

Granted, he was always quick to betray his own, even his god, for Dean, but come on… Ever since the angels were introduced, I feel like they have been playing with hidden rules. As a viewer, you never know what to expect from them, and that is not cool. They have no rules, that we know of, and any rule we thought they might have to follow, can be broken when convenient.

That said, I like Castiel, I just wish the angels in general were more true to their own universe.

Then we have Sam, just driving off, not looking for Dean once, while he was in purgatory. I will admit, I kind of understand that. As much as I wanted Sam to look for Dean, I think it is cool that he didn’t. That he just drove off. Away. Left it all behind. I do get too, why Dean is pretty pissed about it though…

Kevin is becoming a better role during this season.

Charlie is a cool character, and I will never stop finding it funny, (or tragic,) how girls can be gay, even in American series, but men, not so much.

I know I should miss Bobby, but I don’t. Garth, is a much funnier side kick. All in all, those three, and Benny, and the tension between Sam and Dean, makes this an interesting season, much more than the whole idea of closing the gates of hell forever.

Here is where my boyfriend and me watch the show on completely different levels. He sees all the action, all the storyline, all the monster fights, and through all the episodes that does nothing to move the main storyline along, he is just bored. He also sees the times when Sam and Dean fight each other, or talk, or (even worse,) don’t talk about their feelings, as breaks where it is completely legal to talk to me while we are watching it, or to pick up a bag of chips and make a lot of noise…

Me, I am completely opposite. Any fight scene, makes me look away, I think this series is using way too much blood, and I hate seeing it. Also, I know that both Sam and Dean, (and Castiel,) are on the cover of the next season, so I am not worried about losing them in any random fight. As far as the main storyline goes, I was only slightly curious as to whether or not they dared to close the gates of hell. I mean, I could have found that interesting, closing off hell, leaving heaven unopposed, but in the end, I never thought they would dare. No, the parts I watch, are when Sam and Dean get emotional around each other, and in this one, I finally had my wish.

They did become brothers again, in the end. Wup, wup!

I mean, come on, how cute was that scene? Dean asking Sam not to close the gates of hell, because he didn’t want to lose him? Sam, telling Dean that his biggest regret was letting Dean down? Which is kind of saying a lot, for Sam… Awesomeness… Complete awesomeness. Now we might get back to being those brothers who were ready to sell their soul to the devil, to save each other’s lives, not the ones who walked away, or came back from purgatory with a vampire friend he was ready to chose over his brother…

And as such, watching the angels expelled from heaven didn’t really feel like a threat. I am more worried about how Sam is going to escape abandoning the trials at the last second. And yes, I bought season 9 on Ebay, since Netflix doesn’t have it yet. And yes, I live in a country where it is not aired on TV, and if it was, I couldn’t watch it, because I don’t have a TV connection. So now I (not so patiently) wait for season 9 to arrive…

I realize that I may sound like a bit of an annoying person myself, mostly watching it because of Sam and Dean, but they (used to) capture something that truly resonated with me.

I know that Poseidon was “just a horse” to anybody else but me, but he was the person I grew up with, and the one I would have sold my soul to save, if I had ever heard of a crossroads demon. Watching how tortured he was, how I was failing to make his life easier, if there had shown up a demon when we were young, offering me ten good years with this horse, I would have taken it in a heartbeat, if it would have made him happy.

I know what it feels like to want to protect someone so deeply, that it becomes all consuming, and that you cannot see a way out for yourself, if you should fail.

And now, I just sound crazy, I know. I know too, what it feels like to realize that no matter what you do, you will reach a point, where you cannot save him anymore. And that maybe, you never should have…

And I get what it feels like to just want to walk away and never look back. Remake yourself and forget every way you failed in the past.

Yeah, I am still waiting for my “Sam moment”… Even after I had Poseidon euthanized, (we did get 15 years, but not all good, by a long shot,) I couldn’t walk away. Apollon was failing and died on my watch, and I could do nothing to stop it… And now I have the little ones, watching them grow up, and yes, I do sometimes want to sell the whole bunch and never look at another horse again, but I do not, because… I love them.

I don’t think I’d sell my soul for any of them, that kind of just comes around once in a life time, (I hope,) but I love them and I wouldn’t want to be without any of them.

So what I am saying here, is that as much as I love a good ghost story, and some good vs evil, heaven vs hell, that is not why Supernatural appeals to me. This series manages to make both its main characters resonate with a part of me I rarely acknowledge anymore. The part of me, that used to care, (maybe) too much.

Now, back to keeping a look out for the mailman, with my next season…

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