Space Cat And Red Horses

With the horses recovering from their vaccinations, (so far, only Apocalipse getting sick from it,) and since I am fresh out of Supernatural seasons to watch, I returned to the game board today. I know, way over due, with three tournaments coming up and all, but well… Who needs practice anyway?

Shy surely doesn’t… Here she is, owning space… Sorry for the lousy picture quality.

unnamed (96)

Here she is, playing mouse with the agility dice…

unnamed (98)

And getting bored with the dice…

unnamed (97)

And hugging Dash Rendar instead! Got to love that cat… especially when one is not playing rebels…

unnamed (99)

So yeah, it isn’t always easy to train around here. But she is so cute, it doesn’t matter. I was losing that game anyway…

Diversion cat. I wish it was legal to bring her to tournaments…

Anyway, here are my sleepy, newly vaccinated kiddos. Ablaze and Marble.

unnamed (95)

Ablaze, Saleem and Marble.

unnamed (102)

And of course, Apocalipse, Ablaze and Marble, loving the tree they have. When you feel sick and don’t really want to eat hay, gnawing on a tree root is, apparently, awesome.

unnamed (101)

It never fails though. I always have one, that gets sick from the vaccinations. Apocalipse had a very high fever yesterday and was totally miserable. I have been wondering about that, though.

In my time, I have had four horses that got a fever from the vaccinations when they were young. Poseidon was my first, and Apollon the next. Since they were brothers, I kind of always figured that they shared a lousy immune system somehow, but then Saleem got sick from being vaccinated as well, and he has no relation to them at all. So, what do they have in common?

Apollon and Poseidon were very sensitive, very easily stressed, and one could argue that so is Saleem, and that may strain the immune system somewhat, but enough to give them a fever? I mean, ordinary horses doesn’t get sick at all. Most people tend to ride their horses the same day as they are given their vaccinations, completely oblivious to how the horse may be having side effects from the vaccinations. So why did I have four horses that got really sick and required treatment?

Poseidon and Apollon both out grew it. In between 3 years old and 7-8 years old, they got sick from the vaccinations, every time. Saleem got sick the first time when he was 3 and he did not get a fever for the first time last year, when he turned 7.

The one thing those three have in common is their colour. They are all red.

Coincidence? Maybe. Since Apocalipse seems to be suffering from exactly the same now one would think so, because he is not red. Or is he?

Apocalipse is turning 5 this year. The last two years, as he was 3 and 4, he has got very sick from the vaccinations, just like the others used to. Apocalipse is brown, but he is Saleem’s son, and Saleem… is homozygote red. Which means that no matter if Apocalipse is brown, he has the red genetic make up from his father, even if it doesn’t show. Saleem can only have passed on the red colour to Apocalipse. Clearly, Apocalipse’s mother passed on her brown, and brown beats red, making Apocalipse brown, but he has the red genes all the same.

So here is where I start to get curious, after all. Tardis and Marble is completely unaffected by the vaccinations, and so far, so is Ablaze, but he is young still and none of the others got sick when they were two years old. Tardis and Marble are, to the best of my knowledge, not red, hidden or not. Ablaze though, may be.

If he gets sick from the vaccinations, next year, I am going to assume that he is half red and that somehow red horses are just more prone to, I don’t know, sport a fever when vaccinated. Sounds insane, I know. But I can’t help but wonder. Mostly because it is killing me to have a happy and healthy horse, and vaccinate it, and make it sick. I feel so sorry for them, every time.

Hopefully Apocalipse will outgrow it, just like the others did. Until then, I’ll just have to get him through it, because I dare not, not vaccinate him.

I guess it is better to be sick for a few days, that to die from Tetanus, for instance. If you ask Apocalipse, he is not so sure, but that is my story, and I am sticking to it.


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2 Responses to Space Cat And Red Horses

  1. Oh cutie-shy 🙂

    Red horses – who knew? Oh no Gaia turns three this summer, I really don’t hope that she gets sick in the fall when she get vaccinated. But if she does, you got a pretty validated theory 🙂

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