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Look. I don’t know when it started bothering me, but at some point, it did. Look. It was kinda cute when Sam used to say “look” whenever he was trying to explain something difficult, or to speak about his emotions and so forth. It made him feel a little, I don’t know, challenged, and that was okay. It’s Sam. I am guessing it is a good thing he didn’t become a lawyer after all…

At some point though, everybody in this series started saying it. Demons, angels, random people in the street… It became the opening word of almost any sentence and that does bother me. That makes the series sound like it is just one guy speaking, (Sam of all people,) and like the script writer has a very limited vocabulary.

So, season nine…. Look. There will be spoilers.

I got to say, I adore most of this season. It has a rather ironic edge to it, most of the episodes are more funny than serious, or at least they have a lot of amusing scenes.

I will add that I am beginning to hate myself, just a little, for falling for this whole thing, once again. Every season does it. Find a way to split up Sam and Dean. I watched this entire season, first watching Sam possibly dying, possessed by some angel who may or may not heal him, and then, Sam recovering, and being a bitch about it towards Dean.

In all fairness, I like it that he doesn’t just forgive Dean for the choice he made on his behalf. Still, I get soaked in so easily. Poor Dean. Please forgive him? Please be brothers again? He only did it because he loves you, even if he would never say that… I mean, come on… That kind of devotion has to be at least a little flattering?

I am not sure why it keeps getting to me. I mean, this is season nine, and splitting them up, making them fight, nearly (or actually) killing one of them, has happened in practically every season. Why do I still care? Ordinarily I would find that kind of story telling repetitive and uninspired. And maybe I do, or at least some part of me do, but still… I cannot turn off the DVD, when Sam and Dean are fighting. Must watch just one more episode, and hope they make up then…

Look. I know. I am so easy.

Actually, I was talking to the boyfriend about what makes a story great, since we are kind of planning on making our own series at some point, and we are so different, he and I. He was kind of surprised by how I was affected by Supernatural, and especially by the “mundane and simple” storyline, of Sam and Dean. He is a grand scheme kind of guy, with an insane eye for detail, but I guess that there are a few things he doesn’t see. Like the relationship between Sam and Dean, and how it is actually what makes this series special.

Special to me. Boring and repetitive to him. Filled up with a lot of scenes that could have been left out, you know…

Which is where my head explodes, because I watch it for those scenes, he would leave out…

And now, I am out of seasons. Well, that sucks. I wish I was living in a country that would air Supernatural on TV, but as it is, I guess I’ll have to wait for it to be released on DVD. Until then, I’ll have to dodge spoilers… That is going to be interesting.

Truth be told, I did come across one rather big spoiler, on face book, right when I started watching the show, saying something like, “if John was alive, he would kill his own son. Dean would probably want him to.” Oh, thanks. So yes, I watched the entire 9 seasons, waiting for something irreversible to happen to Dean. Something that would make his father want to kill him…

Truth be told, nothing is irreversible in Supernatural. I am guessing that turning Dean into a demon is what that annoying post referred to, but here is where my writer instincts kick in instantly. They know how to cure a demon, make it human again. What is the big deal? Really?

Don’t tell me. This series loses its charm, if you know what is going to happen.

To be honest, I would have hated it if they had ended the season finale, by Dean dying. I mean, sure, he has done that before, and I would have assumed that they would have found a way to bring him back for the next season, but I would have worried that Sam would just walk away again, like he did when Dean was in purgatory. That Sam would not fight for him. Because that, more than anything, is horrible. Dean dying, or becoming a demon, well… As long as they love each other… And again, they can fix it. This whole season, and the previous one, was based on how to cure a demon. So having Dean wake up, as a demon, kind of feels like a gift. No one had to sell their soul to bring him back… But Sam might have tried. Wuhu, that is all I need to know. Sam was going to fight for his brother, at long last. Nothing else matters.

Wow, it’s a good thing I don’t write books, the way I watch series. Much. I really am beginning to annoy myself, by falling for this again.

Anyhow, I will be waiting for season 10, and not because I am dying to know what happens, because I am guessing that Dean runs off with the king of hell, Sam might try and find him, or I don’t know, Sam might be a bitch about Dean, being a demon and all, and Dean… best guess, he is going to keep being haunted by his past, demon or not, he is going to keep some sort of humanity, because how could he not? Would the script writers dare, make him uncaring?

I am usually all for those kinds of things. You know, character development… Not taking back the evil you let happen to the characters… And yes, I loved soulless Sam, as long as he lasted, but only because I knew it would not last. Like I said, nothing in Supernatural is irreversible. I am sure I would love demon Dean as well… As long as they fix him in the end, and bring him back to Sam…

Look. I’ll stop now. We get it. Sam and Dean, Dean and Sam… I am such a girl. That won’t do. Time to move on with my life. Especially since I am out of seasons…

So, should you watch them? Depends. If you like a good ghost story, the first seasons are kind of cute. All of the seasons are way too bloody, (really, no need for showing that much blood,) you get REALLY tired of the torture porn, in every bloody episode, and how it always works, and somewhere along the line, you have to accept that not only is there a hell, but there is a Christian heaven too, in this series. I am not too big a fan of the whole religion part, but the way this series handles it, are for the most part, acceptable.

It is a bit strange, being born in Denmark sometimes. The episode with the lycans, and their Ragnarok, had me amused, mostly because neither Sam, nor Dean, knew what Ragnarok means. I grew up with Norse mythology, and watching them Google it, had me thinking, well, are they really slow? And then I realized that maybe they were not. Maybe the most of the world does not know the Danish word for the Apocalypse. And maybe they don’t know the stories… About the Fenris wolf, for instance.

Having grown up the way I have, that was a rather new way of thinking to me. I mean, who doesn’t know Fenris? In Denmark, we have comic books about  it, our children read about him when they learn to read… And Sam and Dean are hunting supernatural stuff and they never heard of him?

Of course they haven’t. It’s a different culture. Mostly, the western world seems the same, but truth is, we are not. How we grew up, the stories we were told as kids, they shape you as a person. But, I am getting off topic here.

What I am trying to say, is that Supernatural is a good series. It is not great, because it is very repetitive, and almost any problem comes with a solution that undoes all the bad stuff that has happened previously. It does manage to walk the knife edge that is called religion, without alienating sceptics like me, and it manages to have some great characters. The king of hell included. He really grew on me in this series…

Oh, and Sam is not that buff anymore. Lets be honest, it wasn’t good, as big as he was at one point. He looked out of place in a suit, for instance, which is kind bad when you pose as FBI agents half of the time. And it had me snickering to see how he couldn’t have his hands tied behind his back, without raising his shoulders, because his arms were so big. I mean, muscle isn’t a bad thing, but once it starts affecting your body language, it gets to me in a very negative way. So thumbs up for that. It is very nice to have cute -Sam back…


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