I have to show off my perfect little superstar. Ablaze is such a fantastic young man, and he is truly beginning to understand the whole, “my space, your space,” idea. Which is kind of important when you play with a two year old, with no rope or restraints. You have to be able to trust that he won’t take you down if he gets over excited.


It is hot in Denmark these days. As in, so hot the horses show up and ask to be washed down when we fill up their water barrels. And once they are wet, they always want to play, because the cold water cools them down. So, here he is, my Ablazing Legacy.


Don’t mind the Pepsi. I just like to have something in my hand when I play with him, something to draw his attention, if he does start to invade my space.


That is why I am usually holding out my arm as well, pointing to where he can be when we run. He follows my hand, (or the Pepsi,) not my body, which makes the whole thing much more safe for me. He has had a rather violent history in the past, of rearing up against my boyfriend a lot and threatening him. Which is why I have been working “safe space pointers” into our games.




Having it work though, like this, is amazing.



Truly, if I never ride a horse again, I couldn’t care less, as long as I can play with my horses this way. This is what true friendship is for me. Trust, raw power, fun and games, mutual respect… I am not the boss of Ablaze, I don’t tell him what to do, but when I ask that he follows my hand, he does so, because he wants to. This is the kind of relationship I want with all of them.


A day like this, with Ablaze, is going to make my heart sing for weeks. I am just so proud of him.


He even played with our friend J, without getting too violent. Usually Ablaze responds badly to men, but he respected J very well.






And here is where I stand back and realize that this horse may be a hysterical little bastard, who the vet can’t touch, and he may be prone to attacking my boyfriend, pushing the limits at all times, but he is truly the most well trained horse I have ever had. He has this huge temper, and for him to contain it like this, and respect humans, while playing, that is truly amazing. If I ever doubted the way I was raising him, with as little aids as possible, (no halters, no ropes, no equipment, if I can help it,) as untraditional as I know how, I no longer do. He is shaping up, just as I had hoped he would, despite, or perhaps because of, his enormous temper.


So as a proud horse-mother, let me repeat myself. My perfect little superstar.



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