Tardis And The Boys

In a kind of spur of the moment thing, the boyfriend jumped up on Tardis’ back yesterday. Ever since the kids got a hold of his helmet, and we haven’t bought him a new one, I have not been too big a fan of him riding, especially not Tarids, since she is hardly broken in yet. But like he keeps telling me, he has fallen off Saleem a lot, nearly every time he has ridden him, so just because I feel that Saleem is safer, doesn’t make it true. He feels safer around Tardis. She is not as touchy as Saleem, you don’t accidentally set her off, by touching her in the wrong place, at the wrong time.


Our friend J was with us yesterday, getting a crash course in how to take care of my horses on Saturday, when I will be at an X Wing tournament in Germany all day, and he instantly picked up on how the boyfriend may need a bit of manoeuvring help. Or, how I needed him to walk beside Tardis, because I feel much safer on my boyfriend’s behalf, when they are not alone.

The thing is, on my pasture, you are never alone. Marble is instantly beside you, whenever you try and ride one of your horses. She just can’t wait until it is her turn… Tarids is not a huge fan of Marble though, and I have had some problems with that, because half of the time, Tardis chooses to hunt Marble, rather than follow my directions, when we ride.


I know, we could just wear a bridle. But Tardis hates the bit, I get such an angry response from her, whenever I touch the rein, I kind of decided that I would have to do better with this girl. We will figure out how to ride her, without that bridle.


So, what I am saying is, that I am really proud of the both of them. (Okay, J, all three of you.) Tardis did not go Marble – hunting, the boyfriend was right, she probably is much safer for him than Saleem is, and Marble even lost interest in them after a while, allowing Tardis to focus on her rider.


Of course, Tardis is a special kind of horse. She easily understands all the signals, like turn, stop, forward and such, and when she feels like it, she is the most easy to ride youngster, I have ever worked with. When she doesn’t though, she just doesn’t.


I am not entirely sure how to handle that yet. I mean, Saleem gives me everything I ask for, and should he do something I did not ask for, I can be sure it is because he simply did not understand me, which leads to me, having to explain myself better.

Tardis, simply deciding once in a while, to not do as I ask, is a bit of a challenge. What I need to figure out about her, is how to motivate her at all times, so that she wants to keep working with me.


Oh, and the tail… I had her tested again, and she as a skin infection- surprise- which should go away by antibiotic, only clearly it did not. Got to love it when your vet calls you up and says, “okay, here are the lab results. We can totally get this, by treating her with this kind of antibiotic…” and all I can say is, been there, done that, did not work, next solution, please?

Luckily my vet is rather resourceful, and she had a surgical shampoo shipped to me, so now we are washing tails all over the place, trying to save what is left of it, and kill that bloody skin infection that just won’t die… Just in case anyone were wondering, about how thin her tail is. I know. I am fighting it. Only so far, I am losing…

But well, I have faith in this shampoo, for now. Fingers crossed.


Awesome pony though. Got to love her gentle, yet very none-submissive mind.


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