So Far, So Good

So far, since I raised my fence on the critical spot and turtled up the fence all the way around with plastic, Ablaze has stayed home. Knock on wood, fingers crossed and all that. I have an X Wing tournament tomorrow, that I am totally looking forward to, so I bet you, if he is going to run off again, tomorrow is looking good. This time, the tournament is in Denmark though, so I won’t be too far away….

unnamed (107)

No, I have decided to believe that we fixed the problem, by enhancing the fence. But just in case we did not, I bought him his own halter, since he out grew his baby one, and when the neighbour caught him on  the road last, she had to use Marble’s pink halter for him. Now, we can’t have that. It is way too big for him. So, I had to pick up something that fit him, just in case. And it is now hanging in the stable, in clear view from the door, if someone should need it. Hopefully someone never will.

unnamed (105)

I know, a horse that doesn’t have his own halter? What kind of a horse owner am I?

The kind who rarely uses halters. Or ropes, or anything, if I can help it. But I have come to admit, that I have to teach Ablaze to follow a halter, for his own good. I need him to listen to any random stranger who might pick him up for me on the road, and try and get him back home. So I guess that is what I will be doing for a while now, at long last. Teaching my soon to be two year old the rules of the lead rope and the halter.

So far, he doesn’t get it. Or well, he doesn’t want to get it. He loves chewing on the rope though… And Marble loves helping him…

unnamed (104)

I can tell you, that it is really hard work, wearing a halter and all… As in, really wearing you out, hard work…

unnamed (103)

And just because I can, here are some more pictures of sleepy horses… Lousy cell phone shots, I know, but still… I should remember to bring the camera more often…


unnamed (106)


Tardis and Ablaze.


unnamed (111)


Ablaze, Saleem and Marble.


unnamed (102)


unnamed (108)


He does look kind of happy, doesn’t he? I keep telling him, he has no reason to run away. I can only hope he listens.


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