Orphan Black- Season 1- 3- Series


It is pretty awesome. Really, it is. I know, I don’t say that, about a lot of series, but Orphan Black has a lot of great ideas and elements.

It is very spot on at first, everything happens fast, and you hardly see it coming. When the German is killed in Sarah’s car, for instance, you are just as surprised as the Sarah is. That is an awesome scene, one that really draws me in. I love most of the scenes where Sarah is pretending to be Beth, and how little it comes natural to her, to be a police detective.

What really matters to me, in this series, is that I like most of the characters. That is so important for me. I will say, it’s been a long time since I have bothered to watch anything with women in the lead, because female characters are hardly ever cool, but these girls are. All of them, in their very own way.

Sure, Helena is a bit too insane at first, and since she has been a psycho killer,  it feels very strange how the others forgive her and love her as a sister, all of a sudden, and Alison’s story line is turning more and more into Desperate Housewives, but all in all, two and a half season into it, (waiting for Netflix to air the rest  of season 3,) I still like it a lot.

So, what is it about? Well, Sarah sees a woman commit suicide, right before her eyes. The dead woman looks exactly like her and at first, you have no idea why. Sarah quickly steels her purse, and her name and her identity, and her life, as it turns out, this woman had a good life, compared to Sarah’s.

Only, Sarah quickly finds out that there was a reason why the woman killed herself.

It turns out that Sarah, and Beth, the dead woman, were clones, and that there are quite a few of them, all over the world.

At first, someone is killing them off, and once they manage to stop that, it turns out that some of them are sick and are dying, unless they can come up with a cure.

I am not too big on the whole project Castor idea, that feels a little annoying to me, but all in all, this series, is entertaining, interesting, and surprising, most of the time. The woman playing the clones,  Tatiana Maslany, is a fantastic actor, and she plays all the parts very well. She, and how she can change her body language to fit four different characters in every episode, sometimes more, makes it worth watching, to me.

So give it a go. It is not creepy, scary, but it is… Intense.


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